PyBites Black Friday Sale on NOW! Pythonistas, 

This is our very first Black Friday Sale!

From now through Cyber Monday 2019 we're offering you Premium Subscriptions for a massive 40-50% off.

That's premium access to our Python in-browser coding platform for the lowest price we've ever offered it: US$5.99 a month (or even $5 a month if you take the yearly option)!
This discount will continue indefinitely while your subscription is active! If you cancel your subscription the price will return to the usual full price.

You'll have access to our growing range of 140+ Python Bite Challenges that help you learn and cement your Python knowledge by actually coding! 
You'll also unlock premium only features including the ability to run your code without tests and also create your own 100 Days Curriculum! (Full tier comparisons here).

Take advantage of this sale and invest in your career

Platform Updates

We reckon this is the perfect opportunity to tell you all about the new features on the platform!

1. We now have the ability to create Bites with the following modules: apistar, bs4, faker, feedparser, Flask, Flask-API, pep8, praw, prawcore, pytest, python-dateutil, pytz, requests, responder, selenium, six, SQLAlchemy, textblob and uplink! We're most excited about adding numpy and pandas though. Related bites coming soon!

2. Introducing Interview Bites! If you're an Enterprise customer, you can now use the platform to interview potential candidates!

3. Your coding activity is now tracked and mapped on a calendar with Coding Streaks! View yours now on the Dashboard which has also been cleaned up.

4. Enterprise admins now have the ability to hide tests on their own Bites.

5. Enterprise admins can request third-party libraries be added to the platform.

6. Custom CSS and branding for Enterprise accounts.

7. Customised 100 Days Grids are now available for Premium Users.

As you can see, we're actively developing the platform. It's something we truly believe in!

Join us - Go Premium Now!

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