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We want everyone to take our #100DaysOfCode in Python course. That's why we launched it with a discounted, early-bird price. Thank you to everyone who took advantage and got started right away - keep the feedback coming!

If you're still contemplating taking the #100DaysOfCode challenge and using our Python course, act now. People are pushing themselves harder and further than ever before and are loving it.

Grab the course before Friday, 12pm Pacific Time and save %15 off.

Visit and get started immediately.

After that, the price goes up to $69. It's still an amazing deal with 18 hours of video lessons and 80 hours of guided exercises. But why wait and pay more?

Slack Community

If you want to be more involved with PyBites join our Slack Community where we discuss, share and work on Python Challenges and problems. Just reply to this email and let us know.

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian  

Keep calm and code in Python!

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