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TL;DR: A bunch of new posts on the Blog; A new pricing tier and Completion Certificates on; A dedicated news channel in the Slack community; and we're now officially recognised as Contributing PSF members!

August has been a HUGE month for us! We're totally stoked to be able to say that The PSF has made us (Julian and Bob) official Contributing Members! We're both incredibly honoured that our work with PyBites, CodeChallenges and the Python Community has been appreciated by the PSF!


On that note, our wonderful community has really contributed to PyBites over the past few weeks with some killer articles:
Cherry-Pick Bite Tier

Over on CodeChallenges we now have a new Pricing Tier!
The Cherry-Pick Tier provides you with 4x Tokens per month which can be used to unlock any four Bites of your choice.

This is an awesome way to cherry pick (yeah!) specific Bites as you want or need them.
If you're keen on seeing what a Bite being solved looks like, (Spoiler Alert!), check this video out.

CodeChallenges Certificates

We now also offer the ability to unlock and download Certificates after achieving specific milestones:
  • Completing the 10 Introductory Bites
  • Creating 5 Code Challenge Pull Requests 
  • Completing the 100DaysOfCode in Python Course.
  • Solving 100 Bites of Py.
You can see more in our How To Video.

Slack News

There's now a Slack News Channel you can join within our Slack Community where anyone is free to share Python or tech related news articles and Tweets.

We may even pick your article to appear in our Twitter News Digest!
Thanks to the folks who've contributed so far and got a mention in this week's digest!

Share Your Learning!

Learning alone sucks. The greatest part of learning is sharing what you pick up with others. We encourage you to get online, hop into our Slack Community and start sharing what you're up to! Hit us up on Twitter, Message us on Facebook, or Follow us on Instagram! Whatever your poison, get out there, get learning and let us know what you're up to!

What We're Consuming

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