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Here are the latest PyBites updates, just for you:

1. Check out the review of Code Challenge 52. Thanks to all those who took the time to give it a go!

2. Code Challenge 53 is now up! Query the Spotify API, submit a PR and join in the fun!

3. It's October 1st! Hacktoberfest is finally here! To complete the challenge and earn your t-shirt, you need to submit 5 PRs on GitHub throughout the month of October. The good news, PRs against our code challenge repo count!

4. The PyBites Survey: We're still looking for more responses to the survey. This directly influences what we do for you so please take the time to fill it out!

5. Here's a free Git Cheat Sheet one of our community members, Jason, shared with us! Very handy. Go and... git... it while you can! (I'm on fire! -JS)

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