Copy Pythonistas,

Here's some Pythonic goodness for you:
  1. PyCon Australia 2019 is over (well the main conference anyway) and it was spectacular! Read all about Julian's experience, lessons learned and more. Feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions! Here's one happy snap of dinner with some of our PyBites family:

  2. The features keep coming folks. We've implemented a new translation feature on the platform! Head to any Bite on the platform and click the flag relative to the language you want to read the Bite in. The Bite title and description will be instantly translated to the selected language. At the moment we have Spanish, French and Russian ready to go. There's also a handy "+" mailto: link that you can use to request additional languages (more below).

  3. While we're talking about PyCon Australia 2019, there are so many incredible talks that are well worth your time. What more is there to say? Go watch. Now!

Question: What language would you like to see on Bites? Head to the platform and have a play with the language feature if you haven't already. Reply to this email and let us know if there's another language you'd like to see there!

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian  

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