This was an exciting year for us, at the PyBites 2 year mark we reflected on many highlights. If we had to pick 3: 
  1. A year ago we launched our coding platform which is currently used by thousands of Python developers who solve dozens of exercises every day. 
  2. After a 10 year friendship we (Julian and Bob) finally got to meet for the first time at PyCon. We were also lucky enough to hang out with some members of our awesome Slack community.
  3. We’re strong believers of the #100DaysOfCode challenge. This year we used this format to launch our first Talk Python course: 100 Days of Code in Python

Thank you
We want to thank you all for your ongoing support and inspiration. Our joint love of Python and the interactions we have with you guys makes all we do so much more fun and easier to accomplish. 

Over the coming year we will continue this exciting journey of learning Python through deliberate practice so expect more bite exercises, blog code challenges, articles (tech + soft skills), news digests, and probably other new ways to learn more Python together! The combination of our learn-by-doing methodology and growing community is what really drives us.

Resolutions, goals & collaborations
In addition to the business as usual, we are contemplating some learning/project goals for 2019. We are more than curious to know what you are working on and what your Python related goals are for the new year. Feel free to reply to this email or share them on our Slack
We’re sure it will inspire us to explore new areas of Python and perhaps it even leads to collaboration on articles and code challenges (you can join #guest-posts on our Slack or open an issue for code challenge ideas).

On our reading (Audible) lists
No matter how busy we are, we always block out time for reading or listening to an audiobook! Do you love books? Join our #books Slack channel + track your reading using our Django app.

Read/listened top pick // currently reading // want to read:
Bob -> Mindless eating - one of the best diet books, (the role of habits and psychology!) // Atomic Habits - fascinating how good/bad habits control our lives, very actionable book! // can’t wait to devour Isaacson’s bio of Ben Franklin!
Julian -> The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - An oldie but a goodie! Listening to this one on Audible has been a completely different experience from reading the book! Love it! // The Whole-Brain Child - A wonderful insight into a child's behaviour and how best to help them grow. // Next up for me is How To Break Up With Your Phone. Can't wait to see what this one has to offer!

For 2019 and beyond, please keep calm and code in Python!
Bob & Julian, PyBites

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