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TL;DR: New Introductory level Bites + the PyBites 10 Coding Competition (see below for details).

We've received quite a bit of feedback on our Bites of Py

One of the goals with is to make learning Python approachable through intentional practice.

In working toward this goal we're announcing a new feature! You'll now notice a brand new Bite type: INTRO.
We added 10 free, introductory Bites which are designed to introduce newer Pythonistas to the Bites of Py style with simpler challenges.

We made these for you our community, so please, give them a go and let us know what you think.

#PyBites10 Coding Competition

To celebrate this feature launch we're kicking off a contest! We're giving away 3 licences to our 100 Days of Code course

Here is how:
1. Go to which will kick off a 100 days project grid.
2. Perform 10 of any of the coding actions available in the grid. Tweet your progress every day using the hashtag #pybites10 to indicate your participation. 
3. You'll find you can use BitesBlog Challenges and US PyCon 2018 videos to participate. Just remember to share your progress on Twitter using #pybites10.

Competition begins: 23:59 Thursday 14-Jun-2018 AoE.
Competition ends: 23:59 24-Jun-2018 AoE.
Competition duration: 10 days.

We'll randomly pick 3 winners and give them a copy of the course. If you already own the course, then we'll give you half a year of access to our premium Bites of Py.

Good luck!

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Keep calm and code in Python!

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