Learning Python is hard.
Hey Pythonistas,

For most of you reading this, learning Python may have just come naturally to you. It could be your third programming language, you may have had years of experience in the field and picking up a new language was pretty simple.

Not so for many people and likely not so for many people that you know.

Knowing a programming language is becoming increasingly valuable regardless of the role you have in life.

We’re passionate about teaching. We’re passionate about making Python accessible to anyone - not just the seasoned vets. We want to see students, family, friends and even retirees looking for a new challenge learning Python.

That’s why this Thanksgiving we’re focusing on Teaching Python. Specifically, the Teaching Python Podcast!

Sean and Kelly from the Teaching Python Podcast do an admirable job of sharing their methodologies for teaching Python in schools. Their episodes not only motivate teachers but the students too.

To support these wonderful teachers, for the duration of the sale weekend, we’re giving 50% of all revenue from sales of our Newbie Bites to Sean and Kelly to help them run the Teaching Python Podcast.

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, 29th Nov - 2nd Dec 2019 AoE, our Newbie Bites will be on sale for $24.00 - that’s 40% off the regular price.

Newbie Bites are designed for the absolute beginner. They assume nothing. They literally start with explaining what an object is. We mean it when we say this is where people can start to learn Python.

Why the Newbie Bites?

We’re constantly inspired by Sean and Kelly’s passion for teaching. These Newbie Bites reflect that passion.

To date, these Newbie Bites have not only helped students begin their Python journey but also parents, people looking for career changes, retired folks trying to learn a new skill, the list goes on.

This is our way of Teaching Python.

So here’s our ask.

If you have someone in your life that wants to, nay, needs to learn Python, gift them the Newbie Bites package. Show them the importance of knowing how to code in this day and age and that you believe in them.

Not only will you be supporting your nearest and dearest, you’ll also be supporting Sean and Kelly with their incredible podcast.

This year we’re giving thanks for two amazing teachers and friends. Sean and Kelly, thank you for being such an inspiration!

The details one more time:

From Nov 29th - Dec 2nd AoE, our Newbie Bites will be discounted to $24 (40% off) with half of the proceeds from every sale going toward supporting the Teaching Python Podcast.

Happy Thanksgiving and Keep Calm and Code in Python!

Julian + Bob
The PyBites Team

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