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Here are the latest PyBites updates, just for you:

1. Check out the review of Code Challenge 55. We had some very cool 100 Days of Code curriculum generators submitted so check them out!

2. Code Challenge 56 - Calculate the Duration of a Directory of Audio Files. This is more of a sysadmin task so should be pretty applicable to most! (Remember, PRs against our challenges repo count toward your Hacktoberfest goal!

3. Martin, took the time to do some pretty in depth data analysis of the PyBites Challenges Community Branch. Using matplotlib, numpy, pandas and seaborn, this in depth walkthrough is a must read.

4. We've both hit our Hacktoberfest goal! (Bob + Julian) How did you go?

5. Check out this awesome Real Python article written by our mate Anthony Shaw on Python Testing. It's extensive and detailed in typical Real Python style!

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