Copy Pythonistas,

Here's some Pythonic goodness for you:
  1. Up for a challenge? Tackle the latest Community code challenge on PyBites where you'll automatically generate images using web scraping and Selenium. Flex those muscles!

    You will generate "featured images" like this!
  2. Everyone loves lists. Here's one containing 258 open-source Python Applications curated by @mhashemi. Yes, they're organised by topic too. Satisfaction.
  3. Want to get involved in an Open Source project run by our Community? Join @codemonk08_ and @ppmadalin and contribute to the Open Source Trivia Database they've dubbed "Open Trivia". Coding with a community is a highly rewarding experience so this is your chance to dive in and get involved with something amazing. Join their Slack channel and start contributing.
One last message from us. A sincere and special thank you to everyone who supported us with the launch of our Newbie Bites. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we couldn't be more proud and happier. Thank you for letting us teach you this wonderful language!

Question: What's your favourite Python trick? Let us know here.

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian  

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