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Here are the latest PyBites updates, just for you:

1. We were fortunate enough to be hosted on the Teaching Python Podcast! We had a wonderful chat with Kelly and Sean. If you haven't heard of this podcast, make sure you subscribe and add it to your list. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

2. Code Challenge 61 - Build a URL Shortener. Self explanatory. Check it out.

3. While we're on Code Challenges... We've decided to drop the Review posts on the challenges themselves. The most important aspect of our challenges is that we get you coding. Continue submitting PRs as normal. Nothing is changing there.
If you want to help out with the reviewing and merging of submitted code, reach out on Slack. Reviewing Code is a great way to hone your Python skills through reading other people's code.

4. Two new Selenium related articles: Learn how we use Selenium and Carbon to generate the Code Snippet Images we share on Twitter; and How to Parse Hidden HTML With Selenium to auto-post the daily free Packt ebook (video) to Twitter and Slack.

5. PyCascades is currently underway! We were absolutely delighted when we saw that PyBites "old hat" Community Member Jason Wattier, presented a Lightning Talk at the conference! Great job mate and thank you for the kind words. We're humbled that our teaching has this sort of impact.

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