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Here are the latest PyBites updates, just for you:

1. Check out the review of Code Challenge 53. Querying the Spotify API turned out to be a bit tricky so kudos to everyone who got a solution PRd! 
Code Challenge 54 is now up! Create a Clipboard History Tool, open a PR and join in the fun!

2. Two articles to read:
One of our Community Members Jason wrote an article on participating in PyCon even if you're not a Python pro. Read it here.
We've also explained how to maintain persistent environment variables in a virtual environment using python-dotenv. Follow along here.

3. Hacktoberfest is well and truly on! Remember, opening PRs for/against our Blog Challenges Repo counts toward your progress. Speaking of your progress, append your GitHub username to this URL to check your current progress: After one week, there have already been 12,107 completions so get in quick!

4. Do you have an idea for a Challenge you'd like to see us host? If so, open a PR against our Challenges Repo and submit your idea in our usual challenge format. Watch as we demonstrate how in this video.

5. Complete the Python 2018 Developers Survey. If you code in Python, please consider giving back to the community by filling this out.

6. We have a free promo CodeChallenges Bite for you! This promo is only valid for a week so claim it and get coding. If you enjoy the Bites and code professionally, consider how they can benefit your team as well. Check out our Enterprise Tier and see how your company can support your development and growth using our library of exercises!

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