Copy Pythonistas,

Here's some Pythonic goodness for you:
  1. Generating test data while creating an app can be tedious. Head over to Mockaroo and simplify the data generation process. Once you fill in the necessary fields, you can download the data in a range of formats. We've used it for a couple of Bites (here and here) on CodeChallenges and in our 100 Days of Web with Python course. Works a treat!
  2. If you're new to Python (or know someone that is!), read on. We've created a series of Newbie Bites of Py Exercises aimed at the absolute novice. We're tired of turning people away because they don't know enough Python to tackle our exercises! These Newbie Bites will set any newcomer up nicely with the basics of Python. This is our response to a request from you, our community so stay tuned, they're coming soon!

  3. PyCon Australia kicks off this Friday, 2nd of August 2019. If any Pythonistas reading this are attending, make sure to hit Julian up, say g'day and grab some stickers! If you haven't started planning your conference, check out the schedule and get cracking. Julian and some of our passionate community members will see you there!

Question: What's your favourite Python module and why? Just hit reply and let us know!

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian  

Keep calm and code in Python!

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