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#100DaysOfCode in Python

We are SO proud to announce our brand new #100DaysOfCode in Python course, developed in collaboration with Michael Kennedy of Talk Python.

In this course we provide you with plenty of material to get you coding which is great because we want you to actually code and not waste time finding resources or getting stuck on some theoretic concept. We offer you a well balanced diet of Python concepts, standard library and external modules to keep you interested and motivated to make it to the end.

The course has been 3 months in the making and is something we're truly proud to present to you, our wonderful PyBites community! You can find out more here.

Bites of Py

Our Bites of Py platform on has been officially out for almost a month now and is going strong. The library of Bites is growing steadily and is now at 65! We're loving the feedback from all of the Pythonistas who are cracking the Bites - keep it coming!


With time freeing up again after the course, we're getting back into writing more articles!

Bob wrote a mammoth article on using Fixtures in Your pytest Code that you need to check out if you use pytest or are considering moving on from unittest.


It seems we enjoy making videos so we're excited to announce that we're currently creating a PyBites YouTube Channel!
Stay tuned for updates!

Slack Community

If you want to be more involved with PyBites join our Slack Community where we discuss, share and work on Python Challenges and problems. Just reply to this email and let us know.

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