Copy Pythonistas,
  1. Some decent articles (if we do say so ourselves) to have a read through:

    - Read up on getting started with Linting and Flake8, a new article on the blog. Read it then use it on the platform (more on this below).
    - Check out Bob's highlights from PyConES 2019.
  2. We have a heap of new features for you on the CodeChallenges Platform! Here's a quick list:

    - You can now customize the in-browser editor's theme, set emacs/vim keybindings and enable autocomplete!
    - You now have the ability to run Flake8 and Black against your code on the platform.
    - There's an option in your Settings to enable notifications for newly added Bites. (Go do this now!)
    - Your Profile Page now displays Learning Path Badges for the paths you've completed.
    - Saving and Running Tests on a Bite now presents you with a Pytest Summary:

    - The Bites of Py home page now contains a "code a Random Bite" link which will take you to a random, incomplete Bite.
    - You can now Save your code without running tests.

    Check these out in more detail on the CodeChallenges News page.
  3. Some Computer Vision goodness to share if you haven't seen it already. Adrian Rosebrock over at pyimagesearch has put an amazing 81-page guide together on learning Computer Vision, Deep Learning and OpenCV! Check it out here.

  1. Our PyConES 2019 Challenge has been extended until the end of this month, 27-Oct-2019 23:59 AoE. The 3 best submissions will win one of the following prizes:
    - A one year subscription to our Bites of Py Premium Tier.
    - A copy of our 100 Days of Web in Python course.
    - A 75 USD Gift Card to spend on (Python) books.
    - and all 3 winners also get a copy of our Newbie Bites to keep or give away to a friend who wants to learn Python.

    Good luck and don't forget, all open source PRs in October count toward Hacktoberfest!
  2. Only 10 days left until our CodeChallenges Premium Subscription prices are raised. Read more about how this will work here.

Have a wonderful week!

Question: What features would you like to see on the CodeChallenges platform? Hit reply or tweet us!

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