Copy Pythonistas,
  1. We take great pleasure in announcing that you can now, finally, write Test Code on the Code Challenges platform. That's right folks, we've just launched Test Bites! 🎉 🙌

    These are Bites similar to our regular Bites except that to solve them, you have to write the tests! You've learned how to read tests, it's now time to write them. We have not seen this feature on any other coding platform out there so log into and get testing! Read the full story here.

    Request: If you have code that can use testing, hit reply and send us a link!

  2. Avert your eyes children! In true 2019 form, we're introducing a Dark Mode for the Code Challenges platform. No more eye strain for our community! Just head to your Settings page and toggle Dark Mode on. 👀 Thanks for the idea Michael! 👌

  3. It always fills us with pride to see our community growing and excelling. Our very own Martin Uribe was featured as the PyDev of the Week over on Mouse vs Python! Read the interview, find him on Slack and give him some Karma! Go Martin! 🎉

Have a wonderful week everyone 😁!

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian  

Keep calm and code in Python!

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