PyBites CodeChallenges Newbie Bites! Pythonistas,

If you want to learn Python from scratch or know someone who does, the time has come!

Presenting the CodeChallenges Newbie Bites

No fluff. Let's get to it:

- You will learn the absolute basics of Python. Yep, we seriously start with how to assign data to an object!

- We explain it in plain English. There's no overly technical jargon to confuse you. We've written these so anyone can understand. Our non-technical wives approved. (Seriously!).

- Learn a concept and put it to use right away. Each Bite has an associated exercise that you'll code, live in your browser, immediately after reading the description. Read and Code. That's what it's about.

- Your code will be tested. You don't just randomly succeed. Our tests will check to see that you've actually coded the solutions correctly and will let you know when you haven't. The pytest output will tell you exactly where you went wrong so you can fix it and try again.

- Get tips to make you a better coder. Our favourite? Give your objects descriptive names!

- Earn a certificate on completion to prove you now know the basics of Python!

We've made this for the countless people who know little to no Python and for the people we've sent away to learn Python elsewhere because our regular Bites were too challenging.

If you need to learn Python, this is the way you do it.
If you know someone who wants to learn it, forward them this email.

There are no more excuses, take our Newbie Bites, learn Python then grow your skill with our library of over 200 Python exercises. 

The Newbie Bites are now on sale for 25% off until Monday 26th August 2019.

And here's some feedback from one of our early adopters. He's a man of few words and we love it:

"It's engaging, funny, relevant and easy to follow."

This has been a long time coming. We're pumped and we hope you are too!

Here's the link one more time. Get in before the price goes back up.

Julian and Bob

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Keep calm and code in Python!

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