Copy Pythonistas,

It's been a while! Below are a few things that should help you out.
  1. We need your help! If you're in recruiting or are looking to hire a Python developer we want to talk to you. We need the help of you, our community, to help us nail down our new Recruiting Platform. Just reply to this email. No more whiteboard interviews!

  2. PyBites and Python Alicante are partnering to provide a free code challenge experience this Thursday 18th July 2019 at 17:00 CET. This isn't just for Pythonistas local to Alicante though - we're a global community right? Just follow this link to our Slack #pyday channel if you're interested in taking part. Here's the Code Challenge physical and remote attendees will be working on.

  3. Read The One Thing. This is a book we reference to ensure we're always focused on the one task that matters. Being a programmer means you'll be open to distraction for most of your day with feature requests and bugs coming your way. If you don't maintain focus you'll achieve nothing. Read, implement and let us know the One Thing you focused on in our Slack #books channel.

You're probably wondering why we're recommending a book. Well, after listening intently to our almost 900 community members in Slack, it's become clear that programming goes hand-in-hand with a lot of soft skill/self-development material. Code is code. Truly excelling in the workplace and career however, takes that little bit extra.

We're all about this stuff so you'll be seeing a lot more than just "here's an article" from now on. We want to provide you with actionable items and valuable resources to help you out.

And on that note, head over to, challenge yourself and learn something new.

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian  

Keep calm and code in Python!

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