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Thank you to everyone that supported the Teaching Python Podcast with our Thanksgiving Weekend Sale! Sean and Kelly are so grateful for your contribution! If you'd like to continue supporting their awesomeness, you can do so here.
  1. Our very own Bob Belderbos was highlighted on Mouse vs Python as PyDev of the week! Congratulations Bob! Read the article here.

  2. We have 2 guest articles for you to sink your teeth into this week:

    - From Webscraper to Wordcloud by Cedric Sambre, details how to scrape a news site for comments then turns them into a word cloud.
    There's no Wrong Way... to Eat a Bite of Py by AJ Kerrigan, demonstrates methods for solving our Bites outside of the browser.

    Both are quick reads so jump in and leave a comment! Thanks Cedric and AJ!

  3. There are 5 New Bites to complete. Bites 241 - 243 are Test Bites! Give them a go if you haven't already.

    Bite 241. Write tests for list_to_decimal
    Bite 242. Zodiacal data parsing
    Bite 243. Test code that parses JSON and IP ranges
    Bite 244. Make mutpy's output more digestible
    Bite 245. Xmas Tree 2.0

Have a wonderful week everyone 😁!

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