PyBites of the Month Pythonistas!

Happy New Year!

After countless hours of development, we've finally launched our in-browser coding platform: PyBites!

The new platform serves two functions:
  1. It's now our main hub for our regular code challenges! Once signed in with your Github account, you can view all of our existing challenges. On selecting a challenge you're then given the overview and all necessary steps to get you set up for it in Github. You can then use the platform itself to submit your PR!
  2. We're introducing a new type of PyBites Challenge: Bites of Py! These bites serve as small code challenges you solve in your browser. (So exciting!). The Bites range from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced in difficulty and require absolutely no set up from your end. Everything is handled within the browser, including the tests on your solution. Hit Save + Verify and we'll run tests against your code to see if you solved the Bite!
There are currently 6 Bites available for you to have a crack at and give us some feedback on. We aim to have 50+ Bites of Py available on the platform as part of a Subscription Service, starting March 2018. Sign up to the platform and reserve your seat now to secure a 50% discount on the service for the first 3 months!

This is something we're truly excited to share with you. It's seriously been a labour of love and we're overwhelmed by the positive feedback we've been receiving from the community!

We'd like to show our gratitude by giving away an extra free Bite. Give it a TRY, we're sure you'll find it EXCEPTional! (I'm here all week! - Julian).


We have two challenges open at the moment: We'll have the reviews for these posted over the next few weeks. A new challenge is coming as well.


It was definitely guest post month in December! Two amazing write ups from two members of our awesome community: PyBites also turned 1 year old! (We're young, old guys!) Read our 1 Year Special article here.

Slack Community

If you want to be more involved with PyBites join our Slack Community where we discuss, share and work on Python Challenges and problems. Just reply to this email and let us know!

On the Reading List
  • With the development of we had to put the books down this month. We did however have time to listen to one of our favourite Podcasts: Noah Kagan Presents (we love this guy!).

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- Julian and Bob

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