Copy Pythonistas,

Here's some Pythonic goodness for you:
  1. Who loves Regular Expressions? We do! Fan or not, head over to Regex 101 and enjoy. It's an invaluable tool for testing and debugging regular expressions in your browser. Add it to the toolbelt! And if you'd like to have a play with a regex Bite, click here.
  2. The Newbie Bites we're creating for you are almost ready! Why the delay? This series of absolute beginner exercises have essentially turned into a book on learning Python coupled with in browser exercises to practice what you learn. The amount of revising, editing and shuffling of content has been exhausting but the feedback from our pre-release users has been overwhelmingly positive! They're coming. Stay tuned.
  3. Congratulations to @Wildvasa, @anthlis and @ryancheley who, within the past month, all successfully reached Day 100 of their #100DaysOfCode challenge! Thank you for seeing it through to completion guys, you should be proud!
    Hit these gents up on Twitter to congratulate them; find out what they loved most about the challenge and to ask them what they learned.

Question: What's stopping you from taking and completing the 100 Days of Code Challenge?

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian  

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