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Here are the latest PyBites updates, just for you:

1. Check out the review of Code Challenge 54. Creating a clipboard history tool was a lot of fun! We tip our hats to those of you that created GUIs!

2. Code Challenge 55 is a bit of a tricky one. You'll be populating a JSON file with a learning path you curate! We may even host your learning path on! (Remember, PRs against our challenges repo count toward your Hacktoberfest goal!

3. A new article by one of our community members, Erik O'ShaughnessyA Short Primer on Assemblers, Compilers and Interpreters. A gentle introduction to the historical evolution of programming practices. Give it a read!

4. The Python 2018 Developers Survey is still open so go fill it out!

5. Are you going to US PyCon 2019? We are! Join our Slack Community, let's chat and connect at the conference!

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