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Python Flask for Beginners
That's right folks! We've just released our very first online course - Python Flask for Beginners.
The name is self explanatory and we like to keep things short so click the link, get your super awesome launch discount and start learning Flask!
(Note: We've discounted the price for November 2017 only).

  • Challenge 40 is a big one. Make a web app to support Daily Python Tip!
  • Challenge 41 is the logical successor to challenge 40, this time regarding APIs.
  • There are two more challenges to be published in the coming days so keep an eye out.
  • If you're wondering where the last two review pages are, never fear! They're on the way! We're busy merging PRs (keep them coming!).
  • We invite you to submit more ideas here.
  • Challenges don't expire. Take a look at our growing Challenges List and see if anything piques your interest then start coding! Learn by doing!

Articles News
  • Naturally, we'll mention once more that we've launched our first online course on Learning Python Flask!
  • Check out our latest Twitter Digests. They're a great way to keep on top of some interesting programming and Pythonic news.
  • Bob is working on our first live code challenge workshop. Stay tuned!
  • Hacktoberfest is now over - did you earn your t-shirt? Even though it's over, it doesn't mean you have to stop submitting PRs! Get out there and contribute to the open source community, you won't regret it!
  • PyBites was featured in this week's Better Code Hub newsletter! Check it out here.

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Too right. Stop thinking about, stop procrastinating, just start learning Python!

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Bob Julian:
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