Copy Pythonistas,
  1. This past weekend saw PyConES 2019 take place over in Alicante, Spain. As luck would have it our very own Bob happens to live in Alicante and was able to attend!

    As the conference only just ended the videos aren't online yet but subscribe to the Python España Youtube Channel as they'll be up shortly. Bob will also be writing a blog entry with his impressions and highlights.

  2. To celebrate PyConES 2019 we've launched another Blog Code Challenge based on the Marvel API. Have a read and make sure to get your solution PR in before Friday 11-Oct-2019 23:59 AoE as the 3 best submissions will win one of the following prizes:

    - A one year subscription to our 220+ Bites of Py exercises.
    - A copy of our 100 Days of Web in Python course.
    - A 75 USD Gift Card to spend on (Python) books
    - and all 3 winners also get a copy of our Newbie Bites to keep or give away to a friend who wants to learn Python.

    Good luck and don't forget, all open source PRs in October count toward Hacktoberfest!
  3. Speaking of open source, this week @ppmadalin and @codemonk08_ from our PyBites Community encouraged us to create an open source organisation on Github... so we did! Introducing the PyBites Open Source organisation! The PyBites Community led project questionnaire-api now lives under the org and we aim to have our own open source projects moved over this week.

    If you're looking to contribute to open source and/or get your Hacktoberfest PRs in make sure to watch this space!

Have a wonderful week!

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