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  1. Our mate Kelly from the Teaching Python podcast has written a very actionable article on... well... Teaching Python!
    Whether you're looking to teach it or just learn Python it's worth the read. Oh and subscribe to the podcast while you're at it! 😉

  2. Have you earned a Ninja Belt on our Code Challenges platform yet? If so, check out your Settings page. You can now generate a beautiful new certificate for the latest Ninja Belt that you've earned! 🐱‍👤😁

  3. After some wonderful advice from AJ Kerrigan we were able to upgrade pandas to version 0.25.3 meaning our pandas Bites now officially run on Python 3.7! All Bites now run without issue on Python 3.7.
    Now onto Python 3.8...

    New features on the platform also include:

    - A new Bites of Py Catalogue page for you to see every Bite on offer, ordered by ID, on a single page.

    - The ability to track your Bite performance (the time it takes for pytests to complete) and share the timing on our forums. Look for a the "Share pytest run speed of your code (N seconds)" checkbox.

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