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What a month! US PyCon 2018 has come and gone. We had an incredible time! Thanks to everyone who made it out to say g'day and support us!
Here's the latest

1. GDPR. Yes, we have to comply too. You know the drill by now so we won't bore you with the details in this email. Check out the updated, plain English, PyBites Privacy Policy here. is now opt in. You'll receive a prompt on first login to the site.

2. And back to PyCon! It was so much fun! We learned a lot, met a heap of amazing Pythonistas and forged lifelong friendships and connections. Julian wrote all about his first PyCon in an article so check it out (Complete with pictures! - JS). Probably the greatest thing about PyCon was that we finally got to meet in person! Here's us presenting our PyBites Poster at the Poster Session!

3. Bites of Py has just hit 96 Bites! We also have two functional updates we're excited about:
  • Category Tags have been added to each of the Bites. Now when you browse the list of Bites you can see tags relating to the subject matter of each Bites.
  • Search! Using the magnifying glass button to the top right of the platform now allows you to search the Bites list. It's simple yet powerful: you can easily find what to code next!'

4. Finally, follow us on Twitter if you haven't already! Additionally, join us on Slack using the instructions below. We love getting to know our community. We’re absolutely amazed by the stuff people share and the quality of the conversations taking place. We now even have a few interesting guest articles on the way!

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