PyBites of the Month Pythonistas!

Keeping within the theme of Bites, we're going to make this newsletter short and sweet. Here are a few Pythonic items you'll find interesting.

1. We opened up subscription to to our early bird users last week! Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. If you haven't tried it out yet, head on over, login with Github and give it a crack. The platform will be officially launched on Thursday, March 1st 2018.

2. Rodolfo Ferro came out with the prize for Code Challenge 47. Congratulations Rod!! You can view his submission here.

3. If you haven't heard, Miguel Grinberg has been rewriting his Flask Mega-Tutorial and just published a great section on date times (Bane of my existence - JS). It's a guide worth keeping an eye on.

4. Are you heading to PyCon US in Cleveland this May? Let us know! We'll both be there and can't wait to meet members of our community!

5. We've been a bit quiet over the past month. We're working on something big. Stay tuned!

Slack Community

If you want to be more involved with PyBites join our Slack Community where we discuss, share and work on Python Challenges and problems. Just reply to this email and let us know.

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