Copy Pythonistas,
  1. Congratulations to the winners of our PyConES 2019 Challenge: @clamytoe, @Gealber and @anujdevrani
    Hats off to you all for exploring exciting ways to work the data. Their PRs are worth checking out: async, Bokeh, pandas, sklearn, caching and more!

    We'll be in touch regarding your prizes!

  2. There's another opportunity to contribute to Open Source: our very own karmabot that we use in our Slack Community is now on maintained under the PyBites Open Source Organisation!

    A big thanks to Patrick for coding the DB migration (really helped when deploying the bot to Heroku), and to Michael (@pmayd on Slack) for the topchannel command improvements. It's such a wonderful feeling having our Community working together on this 😊.
  3. We have two new Bites on the platform ready for you to dive right into. Check them out:
    Bite 233. Make a zipfile of the latest log files and,
    Bite 234. Capitalize sentences.

  1. Our very own Bob was a guest host on Python Bytes! Check out episode 154 and listen to him dive into some Django and carbon!

Have a wonderful week 😁!

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