Copy Pythonistas,

Here's some Pythonic goodness for you:
  1. We love stumbling upon handy tools! If you're looking to spice up your Python data visualisations head over to the Python Graph Gallery. You'll find hundreds of charts (and even maps!) along with the corresponding code to make them work. Add it to your toolkit now.
  2. Did someone say Python Learning Paths? Damn right someone did! In fact, a LOT of you have been asking for this and we've finally implemented it.
    You can now take catered Learning Paths on the Python exercises platform based on knowledge areas such as Data Analysis, Object Oriented Programming, Itertools, Web Scraping and more! Finish reading this email and go learn things!

  3. It seems a lot of you love reading as much as us (The One Thing is a great book right?!). It's likely then that you enjoy tracking what you read. We've created the PyBites My Reading List web app to do just this. It's lightweight, simple and does what it's meant to do without the fluff of other mainstream apps. Once logged in there's also an Annual Reading Challenge and a 5-Hour Challenge to keep you motivated. If you'd like, use it to share what you're reading with us. Believe it or not, Bob just bought his kids their first Harry Potter book thanks to a user recommendation!

    We even have our kids tracking their reading on it and they love it. We're mentioning this because the home page is literally packed with the books our kids have read (The Dr Seuss stuff may be mine though - Julian). Phew! Check it out!

3 items to keep you learning. The call to action is clear: Make this week all about your own personal growth and development.

Have a wonderful week and let us know how you go.

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian  

Keep calm and code in Python!

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