Copy Pythonistas,
  1. After a great question on precedence in our Slack Community, one of our members AJ Kerrigan was inspired to write an article on breaking down Python code using the dis module to help provide an answer. It's a great read! (If you'd like to guest post on the blog, head to our #guest-posts Slack channel!)
  2. We love to share cool stuff: If you're looking for a rich API to play with then look no further than the Star Wars API! In their words: "All the Star Wars data you've ever wanted". Thank you Marc for reminding us this beauty exists!

  3. More updates from the platform! We can't help ourselves 😉:

    - We've added 4 new Bites this week!

    - After a brilliant community discussion, we now have Bite Difficulty Levels displayed next to every Bite. This difficulty rating is based on user feedback. We hope it provides you with valuable insight!

    - You can now bookmark your favourite Bites. Another community request implemented. We love you all ❤!

    - There's now a smarter Bite filter on the dashboard that will allow you to filter Bites based on: done / todo / favorites / in progress and unlocked bites.

    - Our forums got some love this week. You can now tag users in forum posts, filter threads you have upvoted comments on (inbox > forum tab), sort threads by highest upvote and bookmark posts!

    - We now have RSS feeds in place for News and Bites. This gives you, our community, the ability to stay up to date however you see fit! Feel free to integrate the feed into your favourite feed parsing app or even code your own feed parsing script!

  1. Our PyConES 2019 Challenge finished yesterday! Winners will be announced in next week's email - keep an eye out!
  2. Only 3 days until our CodeChallenges Premium Subscription prices are raised. Read more about how this will work here.
  3. Hacktoberfest ends in 3 days! If you need to get a few more PRs in, check out or Blog Challenges Repo. Solve and PR any challenge before the end of October for credit.

Have a wonderful week 😁!

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>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian  

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