PyBites of the Month Pythonistas, 

Spring time! (Not here! - JS) We can’t believe it's already April! Pycon is right around the corner!

1. The first 3 months flew by, mainly because we put a lot of effort into preparing the 100 days course which is really taking off:
176 developers have kicked off the challenge on our platform and people are tweeting daily. It's amazing how much everyone is accomplishing. We're truly humbled and excited!

2. Our Platform is in full development. We now have 72 Bites and have no intention of slowing down. While we never make it too easy we definitely try to keep it fun:

We are thrilled that at the time of writing, 838 Pythonistas have solved 2550 Bites, writing 49008 lines of code! As an average we're looking at almost 2 Bites being resolved every hour of the day. People are loving it and we are totally excited having created this tool!

We also added some new features:
- All of the important info is now in one place with our new Dashboard including Ninja badges for completing Bites:

and honor Badges for community code challenges:

- We also have a 100 Days Grid feature which you can populate with Tweets for all 100 days of your challenge! You can see a video of it in action here.

3. We've just launched 2 new Blog Challenges which - when PR’ing them on our platform - gain you 2 new sexy badges. 
- In Code Challenge 49 we ask you to work on a real Issue raised against Planet Python.
Code Challenge 50 is our Easter Special and involves the use of Celery.
Both should keep you busy for a while!

4. And finally, as a reminder, our carefully curated, weekly News digest is still going strong. This is your chance to soak up even more Python awesomeness.
If there's any news you want to bring to our attention ping us on Twitter @pybites and use the hashtag #PyBitesNews.

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