Copy Pythonistas,

Happy New Year for Tuesday/Wednesday! Seriously, make 2020 the year you take up and improve your Python programming. You won't regret it. Our users certainly don't! Head over to the Code Challenges Platform and get started.

Here's the latest!
  1. We are SO excited to officially launch the Pytest Learning Path on the Code Challenges Platform! If you've wanted to learn, practice and push your pytest knowledge to the next level this is your chance. Click the link and start testing.

  2. Looking to stay up to date with the latest Python news? We've created a News Digest you can subscribe to! Delivered every Wednesday, it has a few links to articles and resources we (and our community!) have found throughout the week. Head to your Code Challenges Settings page and Enable the "PyBites News Digest" now.

  3. With PyCon US 2020 right around the corner we want to know who from our Community will be there. We'd like to be a little more prepared than we were at PyCon US 2019 and ensure we're all on the same page prior to heading to the conference. If you'll be making your way to Pittsburgh in April, please join our #pycon Slack Channel and let's get planning!
Finally, from us here at PyBites, we'd like to again wish you a very Happy New Year and a successful (whatever your definition of this is!), Python filled and happy 2020!

See you next year! (Sorry, had to get this one in - Julian)

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian  

Keep calm and code in Python!

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