Why Newbie Bites? Pythonistas, Julian here.

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A question we've been asked a few times over the past week: "Why Newbie Bites?".

I wanted to take a minute to explain why we've invested so much time in creating these Bites.

I'm surrounded by incredible, technical minds, both at work and especially here in my Python universe. These people "just get it". They can read an article or book on a certain concept, absorb it and within what seems like a day, be fluent in it.

That's not me.

When I started learning Python, it was hard. I hadn't coded in years and I found myself re-reading the same pages and docs over and over again. I struggled to get the basics down. It was disheartening.

The "beginner" articles that existed online always assumed so much! There was always an assumed, basic level of coding knowledge to be able to participate. If not, the language was overly technical. I couldn't find a resource that worked for me.

In the end, I learned from a multitude of resources. It wasn't the worst way to learn but it left me feeling like I'd had an incomplete introduction to the language. I didn't finish a single course or read a book cover to cover. I wasn't introduced to the basics in any sort of meaningful order.

The whole experience left me wanting.

Fast forward a couple of years and here I am, successfully running PyBites and CodeChallenges with my best mate, Bob. (Don't quote me on that!)

An unexpected consequence of this success has been that I've had many people come to me asking if PyBites and CodeChallenges can help them learn Python from scratch. To my horror, I've found myself saying no.

It weighed on me, knowing that our resources and our platform put learning Python out of reach of new Pythonistas. Seriously, it did.

This was the single motivating factor in the creation of the Newbie Bites.

I wanted an introduction to Python that was delivered in our challenges format but delivered in a style I would have loved when learning Python. The descriptions are written to make you feel like you're listening to a mate explain a concept over coffee.

They're engaging, entertaining and above all, simple. The Bites assume nothing. Short of knowing what programming is, you can take them and learn the basics of Python.

If they only help one person to learn Python then this will have been worth it.

I understand that the majority of you reading this already know the basics. Heck, that's likely why you subscribed to us! I am, however, willing to bet you know people who don't know the basics and want to learn. These are the people the Newbie Bites are for.

Do them a favour and forward them this email. Let them know this resource exists and help them learn Python using a platform many of us wish was available when we learned.

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