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New Isokinetic Glassware - GT Series
The GT series glassware features a tapered, stable connection between the insert and the bottle. The cap unscrews and the insert is safely unsealed and removed from the impinger. No more grease and no more frozen impinger joints.

The dimensions and connectors of GT impingers allow them to be used in combination or in place of existing isokinetic impingers (series GH and GN).
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SB-6 New Impinger Case for Flexible Systems
Our new flexible arrangement impinger case improves on our previous design by being easier to carry up the stack and offering more protection for the impinger glassware. The SB-6 is economically priced and, when combined with the Method 17 umbilical, is a great choice for performing a Method 2 and Method 4 combination test.
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Recent Product Releases
New Gas Cooler for our Sorbent Trap Mercury System
New Gas Condenser
New Method 17 Flexible Arrangement
Isokinetic Source Sampling Console

Company Updates

Jake Bush - Our Newest Member of the Technical Services Group

Environmental Service Technician, (919) 346-8122

Jake joined Apex Instruments in June 2020. Since then, Jake's experience and expertise have become an invaluable asset to our Technical Services Group and Calibration Lab.

  • 4.5 years of stack testing experience
  • Field experience with various stack testing methods, such as Methods 1-5, 8A, 9, 22, 23, 26A, 29, 202, CTM-013B, CTM-039, etc. with a focus on isokinetic testing
  • Field experience with CEM USEPA methods 3A, 6C, 7E, 10

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New Features Being Added to Website
Product Tables

We are in the process of implementing new features on our website to make the experience more efficient and streamlined. One of the features that we are most excited about is product tables that keep track of what items you have previously added to your cart. These tables will be featured on category pages as well as Method system product pages, where customers will be able to add system equipment or replacement items to their cart and keep track of what they have added.

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Remote Support Page
We have added a remote support feature that will allow customers to easily give members of our support team access to on-site stack testing laptops for troubleshooting and maintenance assistance.
If you have any questions or suggestions, contact our web and IT administrator Maksim Kovalev at or (919) 346-5031.
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Product News

New Strain Relief Added to Umbilical Cables
Our standard umbilical cables now feature a strain relief. A braided metal wire is run with the sample line through the umbilical cable and is attached to the anchor points of the filter oven and probe using a stainless steel carabiner, eliminating any stress the umbilical cable might create on the connections to the probe and heated filter oven. We have added anchor points to the SB-2M heated filter oven and our Method 17 probes. 
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Airdas - Data Acquisition System - On Its Way
Utilizing the help of a valuable demo testing group, we have made significant progress with our upcoming data acquisition system, Airdas.
Airdas will pair a custom-made data controller with our newly developed, adaptable software for RATA testing in addition to compliance and engineering instrumental testing needs. When used with our AFD-510 Flow Drawer, Airdas will provide the perfect complement for a complete and seamless solution.
Stay tuned for more updates and availability details of our new data acquisition system later this year.
If you would like to participate in the early testing of this product or have an inquiry, feel free to reach out to our Technical Director, Terrance Odom at (919) 346-5021, or at
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Amphenol/Power Cable Options
We offer different circular connectors to meet the needs of our customers. The PT Series connector (type B) is our recommendation of choice, especially for harsh environments due to its high-density performance crimp contacts, circular metal shell, and quick-disconnect bayonet coupling for rapid mating and unmating.

The Amphenol Cable product page is a helpful resource to determine your Amphenol needs and can be accessed by using Search or by clicking on the "Amphenol Adapter Cable Options" link found at the bottom of relevant product pages.

Note: Type A connectors are recommended for 120V only. Type B and C connectors are recommended for 120V and 240V.
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Domestic Market
Secretary of NC Department of Environmental Quality Nominated by President Biden to run EPA
President Biden has selected Michael Regan, North Carolina’s top environmental regulator, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

He worked on the EPA’s air quality and energy programs in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations before joining the Environmental Defense Fund, where he led the advocacy group’s efforts to reduce the effects of climate change and air pollution. In 2017, Gov. Roy Cooper tapped him to lead the Department of Environmental Quality, overseeing a roughly $80 million budget. 

Regan led the negotiations that resulted in the cleanup of the Cape Fear River, which had been dangerously contaminated by PFAS industrial compounds from a Chemours chemical plant. He also negotiated NC’s largest cleanup agreement for toxic coal ash with Duke Energy.

We are looking forward to the impact he will have on the agency and our industry. 
Other News
International Markets
South Korean Distributor Continues to Set Sales Records

Continuing the record success of 2019, our South Korean distributor, ENS Korea, has set another sales record for 2020. ENS has attributed its sales success to the introduction of the digital XD-502 and XC-623 consoles, converting their customers over from the traditional manual sampling consoles. The Korean market has been quick to adopt our digital console technology, taking advantage of the compact size and the increased accuracy of our digital consoles.

Virtual Training and Product Demonstrations
The challenges of 2020 forced Apex to rethink the way we meet and work with our international distributors. As a result, we have participated in several virtual customer training seminars, hosted by our distributors. Our next training event is being hosted by Thai distributor Neediss and will go over the equipment needed and the challenges faced during Method 2 and Method 202 sampling.

If your customers would benefit from a virtual training seminar regarding any of the US EPA Sampling Methods, please contact our Director of International Business Development, Mick Zulpo, to explore such an opportunity.

Mick Zulpo, International Development Manager
(919) 346-5032
Trade Shows
2021 Conference and Tradeshow Schedule

Many tradeshows have been canceled for 2021 due to COVID-19 health concerns. We will continue to monitor trade shows in our industry and keep you informed of any shows we may participate in this year.

Tips from an Old Stack Tester
Tip Number 9

When chasing down a leak, it is a good idea to check common leak areas or to use the “split the system in half” method to quickly identify a leak. Splitting a system in half means performing a leak check from the glass train to the console, which allows the stack tester to determine whether the leak is in the front half or the back half of the train. This procedure can be performed again to keep narrowing down the search area for the leak.
EPA Regulatory Updates
On January 13, 2021, EPA’s Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards and the Office of Research and Development posted Other Test Method 45 (OTM 45) on the Emissions Measurement Center web site ( OTM 45 is a sampling and analysis methodology that can measure certain per-fluorinated alkyl substance (PFAS) compounds in air samples. This method will help other federal agencies, states, tribes, and communities have a consistent way to measure PFAS released into the air.

Link to the EPA’s PFAS Action Plan
From Our President
Apex Instruments is 100% committed to creating stack testing equipment and solutions that fulfill your needs. We want to hear from loyal customers like you. Follow us on Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn and let us know what you think about our products and customer support.

Your feedback matters to us and we do listen.

 ~ Bill Howe

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