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New Products
Total Hydrocarbon Concentration Analyzation System (US EPA Method 25A)
The Apex Instruments Mini FID is applicable to US EPA Method 25A for the determination of total gaseous organic concentration of vapors consisting primarily of alkanes, alkenes, and/or aromatic hydrocarbons (commonly referred to as total hydrocarbon concentrations). This portable, lightweight analyzer makes it easy to take your equipment directly to the source.
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TEC-4000HGP Thermoelectric Portable Gas Cooler

The TEC-4000HGP Thermoelectric Portable Gas Cooler removes moisture by cooling the sample gas to a constant dew point using the new Apex Pinnacle Heat Pump. It is housed in our rugged, lightweight case for easy transport. The chiller is equipped with a closed, dual-channel gas conditioning system that collects condensate in sample bottles and delivers dry, acid-free gas to the meter console.

The chiller is designed to be used with the XC-30B and XC-260 Mercury Sampling Consoles.

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Recent Product Releases
Magnum Pro Calibration Pump
Winchester Digital Pressure Gauge
Pneumatic Power Pump
New Method 17 Flexible Arrangement
Probe Port Pipe Mount (PPC-01)

Our new probe port pipe mount, PPC-01, is the perfect solution for stacks with limited options for flange connectivity. The PPC-01 mounts securely to a sampling port and allows for easy installment of a monorail.

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Humidity Monitor (HM-T96)
The new Apex Humidity Monitor is designed for monitoring the relative humidity of the sample between the sample pump and flow panel to protect gas analyzers. The module will alert you of dangerous levels before the dew point is reached and will shut down the sample pump to protect the analyzers. There’s also a redundant electro-optical switch for detecting condensate located in a stainless-steel coalescing filter assembly.
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Company Updates

Welcome Magnum Pro and Winchester Engineering

Apex Instruments is pleased to announce that we now offer Magnum Pro calibration pumps and Winchester Engineering pressure gauges. High quality, reliable customer support, and an industry-leading, two-year warranty make these products a perfect fit with the Apex Instruments product line. Visit our website for more details and to see the collection of new products.

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Machine Shop Expansion
Apex instruments has recently expanded its machine shop by acquiring an additional Haas CNC lathe. The new lathe increases our capacity to restock our inventory when faced with supply chain delays, which are currently at an all-time high. It also provides additional options for a faster turnaround time to meet the needs of custom fabrication solutions.
Other Company News

Product News

Upcoming Method 201A Pitot Calibrations
Pitots that are used for PM10 and PM2.5 emissions sampling (Method 201A) are required to be calibrated using a wind tunnel with the appropriate cyclone body to simulate anticipated blockage.

Apex Instruments performs semiannual calibrations using the wind tunnel at North Carolina State University (NCSU). Our next scheduled date is Thursday, June 17th, 2021

Pitots must be received by Friday, June 11th.

Please contact our service department to get a quote on pitots or request an RMA to have your pitots calibrated.

Technical Service Group
Phone: (919) 346-5754
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Updated Air-Cooled Probe Design with Blower Riser
Our updated Air-Cooled Probe design features a more robust alloy construction. Upgraded to 253MA with a new variable-speed high-capacity blower inside the riser, the new design will extend the life of the probe and increase the airflow by an additional 30%.
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New Stainless-Steel Ball and Socket Adapters
With the recent expansion of our machine shop, we are now able to offer a more complete line of stainless-steel ball and socket adapters. We now manufacture #28 and #12 ball and socket adapters from 1/8-inch up to 5/8-inch.
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Now Offering Silicone Ferrules

Apex Instruments is now offering 5/8-inch silicone ferrules. Silicone ferrules provide a consistent, leak-free connection and reduce slippage. Ideal for glass liners and nozzles.

More Company News
Nozzle Calibration and Serial Number Engraving

Apex Instruments is now offering nozzle calibrations and serial number engraving. Nozzle diameters will be calibrated to meet US EPA Method 5 requirements. Stainless steel and alloy 600 nozzles will be physically engraved to display the nozzle diameter, part number, and unique ID. All other nozzles will be identified by certificate only. This service can be requested when purchasing new nozzles. Previously purchased nozzles can be sent to the Technical Services Group to be calibrated.

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Glass Hose Barbs Being Replaced with GL-18 Threaded Joints

To provide a safer option for installing and removing tubing, we have started the process of converting our hose barbs to GL-18 threaded joints on all glassware that connects to tubing. A plastic glass hose barb is inserted inside a cap and the cap is screwed onto the GL-18 thread. Installing the tubing onto the plastic hose barb instead of onto the glass hose barb reduces the potential for injury and damage to the glassware.

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Upcoming Products
  • High-density polyethylene tubing (HDPE)
  • PFA tubing new bulk price available
More Product News
Domestic Market
EPA Conducting a Study on Method 202 Condensers
The EPA is conducting a study on Method 202 condensers which includes several Apex Instruments designs. Currently we have four different Method 202 condensers:
  • GN-VCHM-M202 (Coil (Graham) condenser)
  • GN-VC-M202A (New Allihn condenser)
  • GNM-VCC (New compact design vertical Graham condenser to be used with GN-9AKL)
  • GN-9B-J (Water-jacketed impinger bottle)
International Markets

Apex Instruments Receives Grade A Vendor Rating
For the second year in a row, Apex Instruments has received a vendor rating of A from our distributor in Thailand, Sithiporn Associates. This evaluation is performed in accordance with their ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Apex was evaluated and received an A on the following parameters: quality, pricing, and delivery.

Online Training Seminars
The expansion of sampling requirements is forcing customers in developing countries to obtain equipment that can gather more detailed emission data than Method 5 typically provides. Common examples are equipment to perform Methods 202 and 201A.

To assist customers with these new sampling challenges, our distributor partner, Neediss Supply Instruments Co., recently held a series of online one-hour seminars to introduce some of these more advanced isokinetic sampling methods. These seminars were held in Bangkok and co-hosted by an Apex Instruments representative. Seminar 1 covered Method 2F and 2G for more accurate flow measurements. Seminar 2 looked at Method 202 for condensable particulate matter, which is now a requirement for sampling in Thailand. These seminars included a brief method overview, an analysis of the sampling train required to perform these methods, and a review of the common challenges faced when attempting to perform accurate sampling. The format of these seminars was informal and participants were free to ask questions and guide the seminar to cover information most interesting to them.
If your customers would benefit from a virtual training seminar regarding any US EPA Sampling Method, please contact our Director of International Business Development, Mick Zulpo.
Trade Shows
2021 Conference and Tradeshow Schedule

Air & Waste Management Association - Annual Conference
October 27-28, 2021
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Attending: William Howe
Conference Website
Tips from an Old Stack Tester
Tip Number 15

Probe rinse–consider using a flask with a socket connector that can be clamped to the ball of the probe to capture the probe rinse. This procedure makes it easier for a single person to recover the probe, it decreases contamination from debris in the environment, and it decreases the likelihood of losing your sample from spills.
EPA Regulatory Updates
From Our President
Apex Instruments is 100% committed to creating stack testing equipment and solutions that fulfill your needs. We want to hear from loyal customers like you. Follow us on Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn and let us know what you think about our products and customer support.

Your feedback matters to us and we do listen.

 ~ Bill Howe

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