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Tennyson Dunes Workday Sunday 16 May

A reminder that this Sunday 16th May is our next Tennyson Dunes Group workday.  It will be held 10am-12pm at the southern car park of the Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve, located here.

Note, this is a different location to previously advertised.  We will postpone the construction of the bee hotel to later in the year and will instead be focusing on weeding our revegetation sites for the upcoming planting season.

Remember to bring sun and/or rain protection, drinking water, enclosed shoes and gardening gloves.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Proposed Sand Pumping Pipeline at Tennyson

If you've been following the latest on the sand pumping pipeline, you'll know that the government are committed to installing a pipe and pumping stations to pump sand from Semaphore to West Beach.  If this happens, the pipe will need to go through or past the Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve.

We've been told the construction footprint is at least 7m wide all the way along the coast where the pipe is installed.  This could be devastating to plants and animals in the dunes, especially our 400-500 year old Coastal Bearded Heaths.

Several members of our committee have met with the Department for Environment and Water and told them that the pipeline, if it must be constructed, should not go through the Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve.  Our preference is for it to go under the road network to the east of the dunes (Military Rd, Seaview Rd, The Esplanade), or if that is not possible, then the back of the beach.  But definitely not in the dunes.

And we'd like you to also say the same thing.

Please note though, if it is built at the back of the beach, there is also a threat to beach nesting birds such as Red-capped Plovers and Hooded Plovers, if constructed during breeding season.  If that is the only option, we must also ensure the construction period is done at a time that will not impact on these rare birds.

The Department are having a series of events in the area with the Coast Info Van.  You can speak with the people responsible for construction to hear more about it and to also give your thoughts.  The days, times and locations of the van are:
  • Fri 14 May, 8-10am, Grange Jetty Reserve, Grange
  • Sat 15 May, 10am-12pm, Marine Discovery Centre, Henley Beach
  • Mon 17 May, 8-10am, Harold and Cynthia Anderson Reserve, West Beach
  • Tue 18 May, 8-10am, Harold and Cynthia Anderson Reserve, West Beach
  • Wed 19 May, 3:30-6pm, Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes southern carpark, Tennyson
This is late notice, but we've only just been told of these events.  They are drop in sessions and you do not need to book.  You can arrive anytime while it is open.

Not only is the threat to the Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve, but if constructed through the dune corridor to the north or south of Tennyson, that will threaten the ability for plants and animals to migrate up and down the coast, which could ultimately lead to a loss of genetic diversity in populations within the conservation reserve itself.

There are also concerns with how and when the sand will be collected at Semaphore and Largs and also where the pumping stations and outlet points will be located.  We need to consult more with our fellow dunecarers in groups to the north for their perspective and we will provide you with more detail on that in due course.

You can find more about the project on the government's website here.  If you can't make one of the above sessions, there are other ways to contribute your thoughts, accessible via this link also.

Please make your voice heard and tell them to put the pipeline under the road or at the back of the beach, but definitely not through the Tennyson Dunes.

Adelaide's Coastal Reptiles

Peter Matejcic's presentation on Coastal Reptiles at our recent General Meeting was fantastic and well received by all in the audience.

It would not be possible for me to do it justice here, however one thing that you may not know is that the Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve is the stronghold for Painted Dragons on the Adelaide Plains.  Once widespread in the region, habitat destruction and introduced cats, dogs and foxes has meant they only survive in a few key spots along the coast.  Tennyson is the hotspot, home to their largest remaining population.  The highest number can be found in the swale between the secondary and tertiary dune.

You might be forgiven for thinking they are abundant, given that we see them at Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes all the time, however they are quite rare in other parts of the coast.  Yet another reason why these dunes are so special.

Peter is interested in photos of reptiles whenever we see them, so if you manage to snap a few pictures, please let us know and we'll pass them onto Peter.
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