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Hoodies Return Saturday 21st August

This Saturday 21st August, 1-3pm, Aleisa Lamanna from Birdlife Australia will present at our Tennyson Dunes Group General Meeting about Hooded Plovers, a threatened species of shorebird on the South Australian coast.

Recent years have seen Hooded Plovers return to metropolitan Adelaide beaches and Tennyson is no exception.  This winter over 30 adults and juveniles of this threatened species were seen on the beach at the Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes.  That is very exciting news and at our next General Meeting, Aleisa will talk about what that could mean for this beautiful bird and for us at Tennyson, along with other beach nesting bird news.  She will also tell us how we can help to protect these birds and maybe even see them nest on our beaches in the very near future.  Exciting news indeed.

A very short agenda, including the latest from both the proposed sand pipeline and coastal bike path, will be followed by Aleisa's not to be missed presentation.  After that, we'll also have a planning session for our upcoming Open Day in September.

The General Meeting will be held at the Bower Cottages, 200 Bower Rd, Semaphore Park.  Car parking is off Kingfisher Dr.

See you all there.

(Photo courtesy of Emma Stephens)

Sand Pumping Pipeline and Bike Path

Your Committee has been participating in the South Australian Government's consultations for both the Sand Pumping Pipeline and the Linear Park Bike Path along the coast.

The Sand Pumping Pipeline project is to harvest beach sand from Semaphore and pump it to West Beach, where beach erosion has threatened infrastructure and beach amenity.  The Tennyson Dunes Group's major concern with this project is the digging up of sand dunes to bury the pipeline, in a 7-9m wide impact area for most of the its length.  We have won a concession at the Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes where the pipeline will be buried under the beach instead, however the rest of the coast's dunes remain under threat.  These dunes north and south of Wara Wayingga are important as a biocorridor for movement of flora and fauna along the coast, something that is critical if our coastal ecosystems are to have any hope of surviving rapid climate change.

We propose two things: that the pipeline be buried under the beach instead of the dunes for the entire length, or under existing roads and paths, but not in any dunes.  The second is that construction occur outside the breeding season for Hooded Plovers and Red-capped Plovers, who both nest on the back of the beach where the pipeline will be buried.

The project is about to go to Development Application, so make sure to have your say as part of the formal consultation process around that.  Details will be made available when the formal application is submitted.

The Linear Park bike path is being completed in two stages.  Stage 1, north of Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve has just been announced.  It will be made of a straight, 3m wide concrete path built on the grass between the Reserve and Third Ave.  While we are happy with the location, we feel the straightness and hard surface will encourage speed for bike users.  When they arrive at the changed nature of the Discovery Trail at the Reserve, some users will be discouraged, which could ultimately lead to further calls in the future to concrete and straighten the hard won Discovery Trail we currently have in the Reserve.  However, we lost that argument and Stage 1 is due to be built, as announced, in January 2022.

There is no word yet when consultation will begin for Stage 2, which includes the southern 300m of the Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes from the end of the existing Discovery Trail to Bournemouth St and then further along the coast to Terminus St.  However, the government have made verbal assurances that the path in that 300m of the Reserve will be of the same design as the existing Discovery Trail.  A concession we have welcomed, albeit not in writing.

Keep your eyes open for the opportunity to comment on that part of the project.
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