Hello friends,
Here is a new song by our D.C. indie quintet Notaries Public. "Central PA" is about trading in dreams in order to make sure our kids get what they need. The music, written by founding Notaries guitarist Ben O'Donnell and arranged by the band, sounds to me like the energy and playfulness of summer in
the home of a brave person I know who escaped hardship to make a new life. 

A thumping cane on hardwood floor 
Keeping time for the ballet.  
A memory; a respite from
A loveless life today. 
And though there be no dance nor fame,
A quiet life it is 
And a place to give your children
A better love than this. 

You can download "Central PA" on iTunes, Spotify and most music streaming services. We would love to hear what you think. 

Thanks and 'til soon! 

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