Hello friends, 
We've posted my fourth album, Pacifica. Listen on your preferred music service. 
Pacifica brings together the singles we've recorded these five years. If you have listened along the way, some will be familiar. We've improved the tracks with new performances, mixes and ideas, and made a sequence that tells a story. 

There are exceptional performances from DC and Baltimore musicians: Cellos by Gordon Withers and Kate Rears. Drums by Darren Zentek and Sriram Gopal. 
Featuring Notaries Public: Emily Crockett vocals & piano, Ben O'Donnell and John Balsley guitars, Scott Charney bass and Lisa Van Arsdale drums. Melinda St. Louis, Lila Benavente and Shawna Potter sing. Art by Daumantas Kazdailis. Mastered by Dan Coutant. J. Robbins and Eammon Aiken record, mix and produce. The songs are my own. 
We completed Pacifica a couple months ago. I should make fanfare. Yet, years into the din of social media, Trump and the resistance, some relative quiet seems like one of the better gifts we can offer each other. It's tempting to do things for their own sake. 

Thanks for listening. I hope you find something in Pacifica for you.
  - Peter  
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