Here is "Failed States," a new song of piano, talking drum and Gordon Withers' cello we've just finished at Magpie Cage. The song's story and double entendre refer to collapse in our societies and our relationships to each other.
"Failed States" song art by Daumantas Kazdailis.
I grew up in part in Sierra Leone, one of the world's poorest countries. When the state failed to meet people's basic needs, war filled the vacuum. In the United States and many countries today, we endure uncertainty about whether our societies will hold together, and whether programs will continue to provide services.   

Amidst disaster and collapse; authoritarian government and social fragmentation, or simply the coarseness of our lives, what abides; what is left? We are, with the responsibility to do a little better. We are one another's refuge and meaning.
All is still 'til we fall to the sea 
All is still 'til the quake beneath
And all we can do is make meaning. 
I may ask you to come over, I may ask you not to leave.

"Failed States" will join songs I recorded in 2017 on most music streaming services in a couple days. The short letters accompanying those songs are available here. By downloading, you support music and these personal experiments in truth.

I would love to hear what you think. Thank you and 'til soon, Peter

Listen to "Failed States
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