Happy solstice; winter’s shortest light in the northern hemisphere; summer’s longest in the south, and perhaps the closest we have to a season of shared significance for people everywhere.
Here is “All of Whom I Love,” a song I wrote in Hanoi, Viet Nam and have just recorded with Eamonn Aiken at The Bastille Studio in Arlington, Virginia. Kate Rears provides a cello quintet. I play nylon and steel string guitars, bass and percussion, including a West African talking drum, which changes pitch with pressure. We opted for an acoustic arrangement to fit the song’s character and lyrical geography.
“All of Whom I Love” is about the search for meaning and connectedness amidst the inevitable costs of our choices. Still we must choose, and this time of year in particular, we see and remember and care for each other as best we can.

The several songs I recorded this year, including “All That’s Left,” "'Til We Follow that North Star” and “No One Gets Free,” are available now on Spotify, iTunes and most music streaming services. By downloading these songs you support the music in more ways than one. 

Bandcamp is a site preferred by many independent musicians. It offers artists a greater revenue share and more content control. It’s easy to sign up for a fan page, here, through which you likely will find many independent artists you like and their favorites and collaborators in turn. You can post comments and recommendations and note your favorite tracks. This is how I’m listening to a fair bit of music right now.

I’ve loved recording this year and expect much more ahead. Thank you for your support!

Here’s to a mindful solstice and a joyous festival of light.


Listen to “All of Whom I Love

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