Hello friends, 
I hope this period of shuttering treats you well, and that you and yours are healthy. Likely the deepest challenges are ahead. It's good to check in with each other.

Six weeks ago our daughter Maia was born. She is adorable, of course, and tending to her lends purpose to the days.
I'll offer some music for this deceptively quiet period. You may recall I recently put out an album, Pacifica. You can listen through your preferred platform.

Bookends Review just published songs from Pacifica, including Where Is Your Heart?, a sort of seafaring waltz with mandolins and cello. It's sung as a challenge in a way I find helpful right now.

Meanwhile the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest recognized Discontents, a symphonette of acoustic and electronic instruments. It's a darker song, I think, about how society fails to comprehend darkness. 
Our days are simple enough, interrupted only by Maia's cries and walks in open spaces. I work and enjoy the silence and the many ways people make meaning.

Be safe and in touch, 
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