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Through a Glass Darkly

Face-to-face conversations in London

Dear <<First Name>>,

We'll be meeting next week (not tonight) to discuss this  Human Ape documentary: to continue the discussion about conversation itself. 

The next meeting will be on 16th September at 7pm

To get an idea of numbers, could you please click one of the below?
Yes, I'll be there!
No, I can't make it.

Please note: We'll be meeting at The Sekforde, in Clerkenwell, near Barbican/Farringdon stations.


Current Material


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Future Meetings

Please let me know if you have any material that might be of interest or relate to a future topic—this could include books, articles, videos, podcasts, exhibitions, films or anything else you can think of.

I would also welcome suggestions for other topics that we could consider.

Through a Glass Darkly 2019,