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Greetings friends and supporters of Desire Books & Records,
What a year, am I right? Tuesday was our final Bonfire for the year, so we all thought it an appropriate time for a final recap of the year that was, fill you in on a few things yet to come, share plans for 2019, and (most importantly) wish you all our very best for a safe and festive silly season. Thank you all for your support for not just the shop, but the team, and the events we love having the privilege of sharing with the local community. 

Tuesday 4th December at 4.30pm


We would love you to come along and share in this celebration and Storytelling event with us, and support a talented local author and educator.

After a long and happy career in early education, and years of promoting creative expression in young children, Mimi (Michelle) felt a nudge to follow a creative dream of her own. Sharing the many and varied adventures of Ollie Sparkles, the little Dachshund dog who came into her life and has changed everything. 

The book focuses on things and stories held dear to the author, most notably the Northern Beaches, where Mimi has lived for moe than 50 years, and the precious art of children. Ollie Sparkles is illustrated by children (all former Northern Beaches students, and the author's nephews), the book features five original short stories with the wonderful illustrations so perfectly aligned with Mimi's vision to fill the book with the very essence of childhood. 

Please RSVP to Desire Bookshop 3/3 Whistler Street Manly, on 02-99770888 or to Mimi herself on 0422817643. You can purchase a book and have it personally signed at this event.

the poetry of desire.

Many of you know about the long awaited launch of  … the poetry of desire. A Clandestino and Desire publication, we now have Edition 3 with us in the shop, and Edition 4 is on the way. Featuring words and illustrations by a talented group of contributors old and new. Contributions can be made for future editions via: or you can collect your own copy for the princely sum of $2.00 from us instore. It’s a nice little way you can share your gifts with us, and putting yourself out of your comfort zone – so come at us with your submissions!
 Speaking of being outside your comfort zones, we were thrilled with the turn  out Tuesday night for Bonfire. Poets and musician alike, it was a great night.  We look forward to seeing you in the new year with our first Bonfire for 2019  being Tuesday 29th January (and for those who are interested, the magic  day the younger readers in society return to school for the year).  

book launches. 
We've now played host to a few book launches including the fantastic Dorothy Johnstone published by For Pity Sake publishing this year. It's a rare and precious thing to work alongside businesses (especially locals) who share the same ethics and ideals, so thanks Jen for doing what you do, and supporting your Authors with both your heart and morals completely in the game. 

writers' rumble. 
Our final writers rumble for the year is Tuesday 11th December, and continuing into 2019. For the new reader, this is a group for aspiring writers of all levels and genres to come along, share, discuss and review each others work in a safe environment, while gaining insight and supportive valid criticism intended to enhance each others' growth as a writer. Come along, bring 6-8 copies of your current work, and the group will kindly but thoroughly aid in polishing. 
life drawing at desire.
We've been so pleased to introduce life drawing this year at Desire. On the second Thursday of each month, we have the lovely and talented Caitlin Hese and Emilie Syme-Lamont taking the class. The final lass for the year is Thursday 13th December. As always, it's $10.00 for students and $15.00 for others. 

We are also interested in hearing from you for Art applications for 2019, we have wall space, and albeit small, it is pretty and mighty, so if you have a small body of work you would like to share, please let us know. 

what are your thoughts on...

So, here's an idea we're kicking around on which we'd love your feedback. We've had a barrage of customers of late (ok, to be fair, it was only Elaina aka: Lainos) suggest the idea of a choir night at Desire. All skill levels welcome, bring your good juju along, and just have a good hearty sing-a-long. The team at Desire, (well, bit of an exaggeration, it was Julia and Kere) absolutely LOVED the idea. So now we're putting it to you! When has anyone regretted a good sing? We look forward to your thoughts on this genius idea (especially the thoughts that say this is a genius idea, because now we've talked ourselves up to Elaina...)

 This leads us to another point of note, our new partners. Desire has  two new faces joining the team, some of you may already know  them, some of you are yet to. Kere and Adrian are locals, and have  been part of the creative community for quite some time. They  founded the underground ARTspace in 2010 which has been a  home and haven for creatives of all kinds, artists, writers,  designers, makers and the like. They now spend their time with  Loobylou Candles, (a Northern beaches home fragrance business)  when they're not hanging in the shop. This book, music and  comedy loving pair will bring a fresh energy to our wonderful little space, while being really passionate about preserving the institution that is such an important place for many of us. By the way they're also ex retailers (Red Olive Studios) and Kere still fancies herself a bit of a crafter, so if you need anything gift wrapped, Thursday afternoon is your safe bet. They're also around Friday afternoons, and some weekends, so please join us in welcoming them, and regulars - please introduce yourselves. 

And to that end, we'll leave you with a quote from the Australian Women's Weekly 1954 edition, Happy Christmas to all our readers! Peace out, from Team Desire. 
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