Wednesday 23rd May 2018

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  Happening in Desire  

A Cache of Carlos Castaneda

Oh my goodness!

Turn on your black lights, pop your peyote pellets, open your third eye and await the imminent arrival of Mescalito the spirit of Mescalin. (Okay then; at least open a nice bottle of red and order a pizza with added anchovy and jalapeño peppers!)

We have just acquired an excellent collection of Carlos Castaneda books, including the biographical ‘A Magical Journey with Carlos Castaneda’ written by Margaret Runyan Castaneda about (quoting from the back cover blurb) “her former husband and ‘sorcerer’s apprentice’.”

Don’t be caught lacking when you can be yacking knowingly with the Yaqui way of knowledge.


Master, Commander and the Entire Fleet!

Look, I’ll be honest – apart from Master and Commander I was largely ignorant of the work of Patrick O’Brian, CBE (born Richard Patrick Russ), the English novelist and translator whose work includes more than twenty novels about the Royal Navy – featuring Captain Jack Aubrey and his physician Stephen Maturin – set during the Napoleonic Wars.

But I know all about it now.

Desire currently has over two whole sets of the novels, plus the special, unfinished, posthumously released and eponymously titled The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey.

Where do you shelve, stack or stash 45-odd newly arrived novels that have to hang together because they are a [couple of] set[s]?

At the back of the store, there’s an area dubbed ‘the naughty corner’ because it’s where we keep the erotica… It has, of course, become ‘the nautical (but nice) corner’.

(And don’t be disappointed if you’ve only just discovered ‘the naughty corner’; it’s just been moved slightly along the wall.)



  Coming Up  

In-store Events (details below)
  • Tue 29 May (evening): The Elephant in the Room Bonfire Night @ Desire open mic
  • Tue 12 June (evening): Writers Rumble - our writers group returns (info below)
  • Friday June 15 (morning): new regular event Tell Me a Story – story time for 3 to 5-year-olds and their mums (or dads or grannies or nannies or au pairs or pops or memaws or governesses or fairy godmothers)
  • The next ‘Burning Desire’ takes place in July.
May 29th is the anniversary of Michael Jackson's attempt to buy the skeletal remains of Joe Merrick, aka ‘The Elephant Man’. So our theme for this month’s Bonfire, May 29th, is ‘The Elephant in the Room’. If you're wondering, “is this something we need to talk about?” the answer is, only if you want to – you don't have to stick to the theme. But if you're up for the challenge, you can devise poetry/songs/stories/yarns about:
• the obvious problem nobody wants to discuss;
• the dominant paradigm in dire need of challenging;
• the [im]permanence of memory;
• the reality only you (or Big Bird!) can see;
• Apu from The Simpsons;
• the removal of obstacles; or
• any other elephantine or pachydermal theme, idea or schema you can devise.
Or not.
Totally up to you.

On the night: show begins 8pm sharp.
Performers: arrive 7:30pm even if you intend to be on in the second half.

Entry by gold coin donation.

  Writers Rumble Returns  

Our Writers Rumble resumes as of the second Tuesday of June (Tuesday 12); all levels of writer, all genres of writing welcome. However, numbers are limited, so if you’re interested, email your details to Kiah Daly NOW and she’ll get back to you with details (how many copies of your writing to bring, etc).

  Children’s Story Time  

Our next Children’s Story Time takes place Friday 15 June and continuing on the third Friday of each month thereafter. This is specifically designed for the kids who aren’t at school or kindy, to attend with their mums (or dads/grannies/nannies/au pairs/pops/memaw/governesses/fairy godmothers), with stories, sing-a-longs and some audience participation.

If you’ve got a child, or know someone else who does, who’d be interested, please let them know. (And let us know if they/you are coming.)
If you like any artwork in this newsletter and require similar artwork, or indeed, a newsletter of your own, get in touch.
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