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  What’s In Store  
September has been a busy month, what with exhibition openings and concerts and the Manly Arts Festival. We had:
Details of the regular events follow below, but first, be aware that our next exhibition is opening soon:


(Exhibition by Kere M Baker + Andrew Lukic)

An exhibition exploring the theme of ‘Soul Invictus’ (defined as ‘the unconquerable soul’). The Artists explore the concept using ideas of cellular and genetic memory, whilst drawing inspiration from their connection to the Polynesian Islands.
Themes of abstract and simple landscape and portraiture are explored, tempered with tribal pattern, colour and symbolism.
The narrative is unquestionably about identity, the layers, and the layering, asking the questions: Who are we? How is that determined? And the result, Does it even matter?

Details of exhibition opening will be posted on our Facebook page and on our website.

Meanwhile, please download artist bios and exhibition notes.
ABOVE:  Head of the Diamond – Andrew Lukic, Acrylic on canvas 61W x 30.5H cm
BELOW:  Toa – Kere M Baker, Acrylic & enamel on canvas 150W x 150H cm
BOTTOM LEFT (or ‘lower’, depending on your device):  Self Portrait – Andrew Lukic, Acrylic on canvas (framed) 54W x 54H cm
BOTTOM RIGHT (or ‘bottom’, depending on your device):  Kapalama Colours – Andrew Lukic, Acrylic on canvas 61W x 61H cm

There I was, behind the counter, minding my own business when someone traded in a good 60 per cent of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series of adventure novels. (How do I know? There are 25 – and each volume has its number in the title from 1994’s One for the Money to this year’s Look Alive Twenty Five.)

Having already had quite a few of the others in stock, it means that if there are any gaps in your collection, we probably have the winning combination to plug ’em. Come in and have a look.
Similar story with this lot: a donation from a very interesting collection indeed. Not just a copy of the I Ching; also a first edition with gorgeous dust jacket and illustrations of Tai-Chi Chuan – a handbook of Tai Chi published before the middle of the 20th century.

Other titles dealing with eastern martial arts and alternative philosophy and wisdom include Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing Chi Kung - The Secret of Youth by Dr Yang Jwing-Ming; Healing Love Through Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia; Tai-chi Touchstones: Yang Family Secret Transmissions by Douglass Wile (another early rarity!); The Tenth Insight, James Redfield’s sequel to The Celestine Prophecy; The Unfolding Now - Realizing Your True Nature through the Practice of Presence by A. H. Almaas; Buddhism Explained by Khantipalo Bhikkhu; and Taoist Yoga - Alchemy and Immorality.

My personal favourite is The Spear of Destiny. You know how the Shroud of Turin (sheet they wrapped Jesus in after he died) is a thing, and the Holy Grail (cup Christ drank wine from at the Last Supper) is a thing? Apparently the spear that was used to pierce his side to ensure His death on the crucifix is also an important coveted object pursued through the ages. (Don’t tell Dan Brown.)

  Coming Up  
  • Tuesday 9 October (evening): Writers Rumble - the Desire Books & Records writers group
  • Thursday 11 October (evening): Life Drawing
  • Tuesday 30 October (evening): Knock Knock - Bonfire @ Desire Hallowe’en Open Mic Night and launch of Issue 03 or Poetry of Desire
  • Burning Desire will return December 4

  Writers Rumble  

Writers Rumble, hosted by Desire Books and Records at the shop, 3/3 Whistler St, Manly, takes place 9th October at 7pm.

Bring 6-8 copies of something you're working on, and the group will kindly-yet-thoroughly polish your work until it shines like the moon.

If you’re coming to the next session, please email Kiah Daly so that we know how many we’ll have.
More info here.

  Life Drawing  

We’re ever so pleased to be able to offer Life Drawing at Desire.
Bring your own equipment.
Cost is $15 / $10 for students (with a complimentary glass of wine).

Thursday 11th October 6:30pm
More info here.

  Open Mic Night

American kids adopting a pagan festival as a reason to indulge before a religious celebration was not the first time someone knocked on a door on the evening of October 31st. But the indulgences in question that first time weren’t candy, and the dude banging on the door was no sexy witch/ghoul/vampire/ghost or variation thereof. Sure, he was decked out in clobber specific to his vocation – but he was an Augustinian monk protesting decadence within the church, as listed in the document he was hammering onto the cathedral door. His name was Martin Luther (not the civil rights activist named after him, or that civil rights activist’s dad, also named after him) and it was this protest against practices of Catholicism that led to Protestant Christianity breaking away from the Catholic mother ship.

What has this got to do with Hallowe’en? Nothing whatsoever, apart from it happening on the same day. The coincidence tickles my funny bone.

But, as far as a theme for a Bonfire night goes, making it about more than just Hallowe’en – about different tricks, treats and door knocking appeals – it leaves it wide open for you. Do you want candy? Attention? Justice? Whatever – sing, rhyme, play or talk about it. Or don't. Totally up to you. Whatever your decision, just know that October Bonfire takes place Tuesday 30 October.

Come and perform. Or just come and watch. It’s a good night of warm community support.

You know the deal:

On the night: show begins 8pm sharp.
Performers: arrive 7:30pm even if you intend to be on in the second half.
Order of performance = order of arrival and registration.
Entry by gold coin donation.

More info here.
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