November 2021
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Tools to help Title X and TPP Program grantees communicate with clients and participants

The RHNTC is excited to share a new podcast series on advancing sexual and reproductive health equity in family planning, developed in partnership with Power to Decide. You’ll also find resources to support both Title X and Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program grantees in their communication, education, and outreach efforts, whether virtual or in-person. We recently released job aids to support Title X grantees in meeting community participation, education, and project promotion (CPEP) requirements through virtual outreach; and implementing strategies for engaging diverse partners. Next, we developed a social media toolkit that family planning agencies can use to conduct virtual outreach to current and potential clients. Lastly, we created three tools to support TPP Program grantees using human-centered design approaches for recruiting and retaining program participants. 

In this month’s grantee spotlight, read how the Title X grantee in the Northern Mariana Islands leveraged a strong partnership with local schools to provide virtual family planning outreach and education throughout COVID-19. Don’t forget to join us on December 8 for a webinar sharing provider approaches to impacting reproductive and maternal health.

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*NEW* Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health Equity in Family Planning Podcast Series 
[instant download]

Are you interested in increasing reproductive and sexual health equity at your family planning service site? The RHNTC partnered with Power to Decide to produce a four-episode podcast series exploring tactics, programs, frameworks, and ideals to help your program address inequities in family planning programs and provide more patient-centered care. Each episode is based on a theme outlined in Evolving the Preconception Health Framework: A Call for Reproductive and Sexual Health Equity. The series is hosted by Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, CEO of Power to Decide, in conversation with subject matter experts in the reproductive health field. Listen to the podcasts.

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*NEW* Using Virtual and Remote Outreach to Meet CPEP Requirements Job Aid
[instant download]

This job aid expands on Title X requirements for community participation, education, and project promotion (CPEP) and presents best practices for providing outreach through virtual and remote strategies that do not require in-person participation. Download the job aid.

*NEW* Engaging Diverse Community Partners Job Aid
[instant download]

This job aid offers Title X projects guidance on developing partnerships with community groups, programs, and organizations that represent various sectors and stakeholders, including those addressing community social, economic, and environmental factors—the social determinants—that affect sexual and reproductive health. Download the job aid.

*NEW* Promoting Family Planning Services Social Media Toolkit
[instant download]

Family planning agencies can harness the power of social media to communicate with current and potential clients. This social media toolkit contains sample messages and images that family planning agencies can use. Content includes affirming and supportive health promotion messages that encourage clients to seek appropriate reproductive, related, and other preventive health services and take control of their reproductive well-being. Images can be modified with your agency’s logo and contact information. Download the toolkit.

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*NEW* Human-Centered Design Resources for TPP Programs
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We developed three worksheets to help TPP program teams plan and implement human-centered design approaches for recruiting and retaining TPP program participants. Worksheet activities include creating an equity framework, developing personas for TPP program users, and creating influence maps. These activities were presented during the Using Human-Centered Design to Refine Your TPP Program Recruitment and Retention Plan Webinar in August. 

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Lessons from the Field: Provider Approaches to Impacting Reproductive and Maternal Health Webinar
[1 hour]

What can family planning and primary care providers do to improve preconception, interconception, and maternal health? Join us on Wednesday, December 8 at 3pm ET to hear from providers from a variety of Title X settings in Texas. These providers will share lessons learned from integrating family planning and primary care with counseling and services that address hypertension, preconception health, and achieving a healthy pregnancy, and prevent adverse maternal health outcomes. This session will be facilitated by Kami Geoffray, JD, the former CEO of Every Body Texas, a Title X grantee. Panelists will outline actionable steps for family planning and primary care providers and provide an overview of the RHNTC's Hypertension Prevention and Control Toolkit. Register for the webinar.


Leveraging School Partnerships to Innovate Family Planning Outreach and Education

“We were able to make this [transition to virtual outreach and education] happen because of our constant contact with the schools.”—Crystal Pangelinan, Family Planning Program Coordinator, Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation, Northern Mariana Islands

When the Northern Mariana Islands first closed schools at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Crystal Pangelinan and the family planning program team at Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC), a Title X grantee, knew they had to find a way to sustain their outreach and education to adolescents and young adults. Fortunately, they had already built a strong partnership with local schools. 

Drawing upon those existing relationships, Crystal reached out to the schools to discuss strategies for online engagement. The schools granted her team access to their virtual educational technology platform and time during scheduled classes to host interactive sessions with students. Through this arrangement, the CHCC team engaged students of all ages, from middle school through university. In some cases, school faculty also joined the virtual sessions and afterward helped connect students with the clinic. 

With a virtual approach, the CHCC team ultimately reached more students and garnered more student participation than they would have with in-person sessions. The virtual platform also enabled the team to share links to high-quality online resources that students could access and explore on their own time. Following the sessions, the number of adolescents seeking family planning services at CHCC increased. 

This fall, students are returning to the classroom in the Northern Mariana Islands. Crystal and her team will also return in person—but they plan to continue virtual interactive education and outreach sessions, too. 

Title X projects looking to implement successful virtual outreach strategies can use the following job aids to strengthen their efforts: Engaging Your Community: A Toolkit for Partnership, Collaboration, and Action, Providing Family Planning Services to Adolescents During Uncertain Times: Tips and Strategies, and Using Virtual and Remote Outreach to Meet CPEP Requirements.

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New Podcast Episode: Discussing the 2021 Title X Final Rule
[12 minutes]

In the latest episode of The Family Planning Files podcast, the NCTCFP speaks with Jessica Swafford Marcella, MPA, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Population Affairs and Director of the Office of Adolescent Health, to discuss the new Title X Final Rule, which went into effect on November 8th, 2021. Listen to the podcast.

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New User Administered SubQ DMPA Toolkit
[1 hour] 

The User Administration of Subcutaneous Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (DMPA-SC) Toolkit is a collection of evidence-based resources related to user-administered DMPA-SC. This toolkit is intended for Title X family planning staff but includes resources that can be shared with DMPA-SC users as well. The goal of this toolkit is to assist clinics in adopting best practices and providing clinical recommendations for DMPA-SC. View the toolkit, or watch a recorded tour

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Virtual IUC Training

The NCTCFP is offering virtual Intrauterine Contraception (IUC) training now through May 2022. Registrants will receive IUC demo kits and a pelvic model shipped to them, complete pre-work, and join a live training for review and hands-on practice. Spots go quickly so learn more and register today!

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