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April 2020 
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  • Locked In on Freedom Day 
  • How does the Government make decisions during this time?
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Dear Fellow Inmates

Following our previous April newsletter, we received a lot of positive feedback from you all. Lockdown has got our minds ticking again and we have done a follow up. Again, there is nothing car or Porsche related below so you’re welcome to not read further.

Our President continues to impress me during this state of disaster. He is communicating often and clearly. But, the people of South Africa are becoming hangry.

*hangry, combination of angry and hungry.

Locked in on Freedom Day

We have been sold a dummy. There are three fundamental problems with the regulations proposed by government this week regarding the levels of lockdown.

By now, most of you realise that you were sold a dummy last week Thursday when the President announced the country is moving to level 4 on 1 May 2020.

The “5 level Risk-adjusted Strategy for Economic Activity, an alert system with levels of restriction” was an excellent document.  Simple and easy to understand, and presumably decisions would have been made based upon accurate data and information.

However, I detect some political interference somewhere. There are 3 fundamental flaws in the current regulations.

  1. If the “5 levels” are the horizontal levels, the vertical levels are missing. The vertical levels are the various geographies. It is inconceivable that the entire country can be at a level 4. The map used by the CSIR, which I understand is being used by the National Command Centre, must be overlaid to the “5 Factor Risk Level” model. Once this has been done it will be clear that some geographies must remain at level 5 whilst some should be at 3 or even level 2.
  2. There is nothing in the regulations on how often the levels will be reviewed and by whom. This can only be described as a terrible omission.
  3. The Regulations have been written in the “negative”. ‘Nobody can do anything except for …….’ and then the items of economic activity are listed. Consequently, the list must continuously be updated and it becomes longer and more complicated to manage. A far better approach would have been to state that all ‘economic activity can continue, except for…’ The results would be a list that becomes shorter and easier to regulate and police.

How does Government make decisions during this time? 

One economist, Mike Schussler, is predicting our unemployment rate to increase to 50% whilst we are in the middle of a global pandemic.  In addition, according to the Parliamentary Monitoring Group website there are currently more than 45 different bills in Parliament. So how does one prioritise what needs to be done first?

South Africa is currently facing two major catastrophic challenges:

  1. The Covid 19 pandemic and the safety of our people.
  2. An economic crisis and the biggest component of this challenge is our unemployment rate.
My plea is therefore to our political leaders to use only these two challenges as criteria for making any decisions. Everything else needs to be delayed, deferred, or abandoned.
For lack of being over simplistic, only two questions need to be asked with reference to any current decision:
  1. Is this a safety issues (medical or otherwise)?
  2. Will this assist with economic recovery and job creation?

If the answer is no, to any of the above, simply don’t do it. I am sure common sense will prevail, but do hope that it is sooner rather than later. Our people are becoming restless.

Reminder: We are open to all Essential Service Providers

Please note:

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  • We will not be accepting ‘walk-in’ clients and all bookings will need to be done beforehand thus to ensure we remain as ‘contact-less’ as possible.
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  • We will be requesting a copy of your ‘permit to perform an essential service’ for our records.
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Stay Safe, Be Kind, and Stay Home.

Kind Regards,
Anton Roux
Day 33 of Lockdown

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