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The Spring Equinox

" This time, like all times, is a very good one if we know what to do with it."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nature is the most reliable force on our planet and as such, is our greatest teacher. Nature never waits, nor rushes. Nature never takes short-cuts. Nature delivers when it's her time. Nature blossoms, year after year. Nature is the most consistent and reliable, being the wisest of all.
We, as humans, need to learn plenty from mother nature. Especially now in these fast pace times, when we are rushed, stressed and anxious with our expectations of reaching our destinations and get things done as soon as possible.

This year has a very fast energy and that is why it is even more important to know how to slow down and trust. Trust that everything will happen in its own time. We just need to keep walking and believing. At the end, we will not remember our destination or the tasks that we have completed. However, we will remember the steps we took along the way and the beauty that happened in between the steps.

The quality of Chue Style Feng Shui is that it understands the rhythm of nature and it hears its whispers. A long time ago, some of us have lost this knowledge. All too often, humankind goes against nature and even against each other and ourselves. We don't listen to our own rhythms, nor even the rhythms of nature. When we act accordingly and adapt activities to our own energy, synchronizing it with natural cycles, we can then get so much more done. We become more relaxed, more effective and more creative. Working with nature, from within, as well as in our living and working environments, is when the magic starts to happen.


The springtime is all about the nature. As the energy of wood grows stronger, we have a natural longing for spending more time outdoors. 
Interestingly, one of our latest Feng Shui consultation was about garden design. The consultation was for a family, living in a small house with a larger outdoor area. Their problem was that their young children were often sick and never showed much interest in anything. The Feng Shui assessment showed that the property had too much earth element in the environment. The earth was very dry and flat. The earth element is controlled by wood in the cycle of the five elements. Even though wood relies on the earth to grow, it needs to be the right type of earth with enough humidity and minerals. If one element is too dominant, we need to balance it.
Our Feng Shui consultant has focused on the wood element at this property, as the issues included children. Children are associated with wood - growth & active chi. Besides moving the children to another bedroom, which was more suitable for them, the focus was also on the garden. We have improved the male side (again the rising chi) of the property and planted hedges around it. We made a herbal garden, planted flowers and added greenery. The greenery was especially done at the front, as the front also represents the future (again, like the children). Moreover, it has been suggested to the family to make a garden together with the children. They have enjoyed it so much! The garden and the plants were placed in suitable positions for everyone. As they had enough space, they also installed a simple children’s playground at the back of the house.

A few weeks after they had completed all the work, they had so many families over for play dates! The children were enjoying their new environment and the property also seemed more refreshed.

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In ancient times, when man was more closely connected to the environment, Feng Shui masters were true scholars. They would go from village to village carrying their green bag filled with feng shui knowledge, secrets and tools. They would help people in exchange for shelter and food. Their task was not easy, as the people had many different problems, so they needed to be highly skilled. Their “bag of knowledge” was filled with what we know today as feng shui knowledge and they also carried more secret skills inside. At that time, feng shui was an holistic science relating to a person’s wellbeing. Today, we are extremely fortunate to have our Grand Master Chan Kun Wah  who shares this knowledge with us. He is teaching us the 5 different philosophies that were once part of every skilled Feng shui Master repertoire. So, we no longer study only feng shui, as we are learning ‘Ng Sot’ - which are the 5 philosophies:

1. Mountain. First, we need to know and recognise the FORM. For example, to understand the form of a body or a building.
2. Doctor. We need to be a type of doctor, knowing how to balance a body with appropriate medicine. Our skill as a doctor is to correct the feng shui of a house, family or even a village or city.
3. Ming / Horoscope. To be able to help people we need to understand the Chinese Astrology well.
4. Soen / Face and body reading. Next, we need to understand a person’s luck, health, character according to their face and body. If we know that, we can see people’s aura and understand their energy.
5. Pok / I Ching. Finally, to be truly skilled as an holistic feng shui master, we need to understand and use the I Ching.

Many of our Feng Shui consultants are highly trained in some or all of these specific topics. If you need help or would like to learn more, please get in touch with us.

Chue Style Feng Shui

This is one of the most advanced and accurate styles of Feng Shui being practiced today. Practitioners come from all over the world to study this authentic knowledge with one of the greatest masters in the world, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah. It is our pleasure and pride to be members of the Chue Foundation, which is a research organisation that is dedicated to promoting Chue Style Feng Shui and carrying out related research. Our aim is to help people with our knowledge and to develop authentic Feng Shui in our modern society.

Feng Shui tip

Spring is associated with rising chi. Make sure that your property is not blocked in the northeast, east or southeast. It is not advisable to have tall trees in the east or southeast of your property. For more Feng Shui tips, click here.
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