Dung Gee
The Winter Solstice

Welcome to the year of the water tiger! 

Traditionally the Chinese celebrated the day of the Winter Solstice as the New Year. It is a true energetic turning point within a year, hence the start of a new year. 
When yang energy starts to rise again in the Northern Hemisphere, the cycle of life begins. In Chue Style Feng Shui we appreciate the Dung Gee as the beginning of the new year, hence all our calculations for the next year are done based on this solar term of Chi. 

In this festive edition, we bring you many fascinating articles from our Chue Style teachers and masters from around the world, as well as by
Grand Master Chan Kun Wah himself. 
It is our great pleasure to present such a rich edition to the public in hope that Chue Style Feng Shui reaches many homes and people to benefit their lives. 

This newsletter is full of diversity and carries much learning opportunity. I invite you to study these articles in depth and appreciate the teachings of Chue Style Feng Shui. It is a privilege and great honour being able to learn and connect with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah in such a simple way. 


In this winter edition you will find articles about Feng Shui, Ba Zi, I Ching, dice I Ching, prediction and Face reading. We study so many different topics that all unite, forming a bigger and more detailed picture than any other style can comprehend. 

We wish you a prosperous, healthy and a successful new year! May your homes be a source of inspiration, relaxation and full of good energy! A special gratitude goes to all our contributors of this newsletter and biggest thank you to Grand Master Chan Kun Wah. Wishing you and your families all the best in 2022!

壬 寅

Composed by Master Teri Garcia (CH)

The Tai Sui, also known as the Grand Duke Jupiter is an important star that every Feng Shui consultant needs to take into consideration each year. 

The star tracks the movement of the planet Jupiter through the yearly Chinese Zodiac. Jupiter is a benevolent planet that brings good luck to the home and the 12 animal signs, if you have it on your side otherwise it can be chaotic. 

Each year the Tai Sui occupies 15 degrees on the compass representing the location of the ruling animal sign of the year.  2022 is ruled by the Tiger, hence the Tai Sui is located in the Tiger mountain in the Northeast between 52’5 and 67’5 degrees.

To appease the Grand Duke Jupiter there are two things you must take into consideration:  

  1. Do not face the Grand Duke.

You should never face the location of the Tai Sui directly so it is recommended that you do not place your work desk facing the 15 degrees of the Tiger mountain in the Northeast during 2022, for example. 

  1. Do not do renovations in the Grand Duke’s location.

You must never ever dig the ground or do any mayor refurbishments to your home in this Northeast location during the whole of 2022 as it can cause many disruptions.  

I have seen many times when somebody has decided to change out their kitchen for example, in the Tai Sui position of the property, and have had one delay after another with the project along with accidents and mishaps because they have not respected the Grand Duke’s location. Remember; that if you wish to avoid problems then it is best to leave the Tai Sui’s location alone.

In Chue Style Feng Shui to get around this problem we use very specific auspicious date selection to select a good day to start the work and we also recommend starting building projects or any ground moving in specific directions of the compass so that we can appease the yearly Tai Sui.  

Each year the ruling Grand Duke is represented by a famous historical General bringing different luck to the year.  There are a total of 60 different Generals to rule over the different years of the 60-Year Cycle. They assist the Jade Emperor in taking charge of the well-being of the world.  It is believed that their background, heritage and personal traits influence the year.  The weapons or symbols they hold also tell us what that year holds.  For example, if they hold a pen then it will be a year of political unrest or if they hold a spear or a sword it signifies the need to work hard and excel for that year. In the East there are many temples that offer prayers and petitions to the Yearly Tai Sui.

The 60-Year Cycle is a sequence that comes from the combination of the Ten Heavenly Stems (甲 Yang Wood, 乙 Yin Wood, 丙 Yang Fire, 丁 Yin Fire, 戊 Yang Earth, 已 Yin Earth, 庚 Yang Metal, 辛 Yin Metal, 壬 Yang Water, 癸 Yin Water) with the 12 Yearly Earthly Branches, or also known as the 12 Animals (子 Rat, 丑Ox, 寅 Tiger, 卯 Rabbit, 辰 Dragon, 巳 Snake, 午 Horse, 未 Goat, 申 Monkey, 酉 Rooster, 戌 Dog, 亥 Pig).   Each year is given a stem and branch. The cycle repeats every 60 years.  2021 is the year of the Metal Ox 辛 丑 and 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger 壬 寅 in the 60-Year Cycle.   

The ruling Tai Sui for 2022 is the “Grand General He E” 賀諤大將軍.   It is said that Grand General He E was born during the Yuan Dynasty at the District of E.  He was talented and skillful in making strategic attacks.  After a battle at the city fort, there was many bodies lying on the battlefield.  He dug a huge grave and buried them all.  At that time, he found a large amount of gold at the destroyed city.  He E offered the gold to the Emperor of Yuan who was carrying out a campaign to conquer more land as the military troops were suffering from a shortage of supplies.  Upon his death, He E was honored posthumously for his contribution as a protector of the nation. 

賀諤大將軍 Grand General He E, is pictured with an unsheathed sword symbolizing the need to work hard to gain success during 2022. 

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Composed by Heidi Pran

Energy is relative according to directions on your property. The good view at your front may represent lack of support on your neighbours back side. And the ugly dead tree you see in Southwest will have a different energetic interpretation to your neighbour who sees it in East. Every direction has its qualities, and some directions are worth paying special attention to.

Northwest is “the breadwinner’s area”, traditionally the father of the family. It is also called “the Heaven Gate”. If this area is full of rubbish, has garden compost or a shabby shed, it can affect the family’s financial situation, as the breadwinner is being belittled, undermined, and drained. 

A consultation on a big property with an old, fashionable house, revealed that several families that had lived there over the years, had faced bankruptcy, and had to sell the house. The form of the property had excellent feng shui qualities. But on the Northwest corner of the house, a septic tank was installed many years ago. The families were constantly filling the Northwest area with sewage. Now the house is connected to the communal sewage system, and the tank was disconnected and filled with gravel. And as it is now totally underground, it does not affect the Northwest anymore. The family currently living on the property, is doing very well.

Mind the Northwest area, it should be kept nice, tidy, and bright.

Composed by Master Jacqueline Miettinen (CH/DS/YHH(GD))

When there is good earth chi in an empty piece of land, you may wish to keep it. Therefore, you place a box on it: you are keeping the good earth chi coming up to you, the yin chi. Because we want both yin and yang earth and Heaven, we need to let the yang chi in, the active energy, the heaven energy, as the fresh air, the light. This energy is mainly coming in through the door, also the windows.
Therefore, the door has a main influence on your house’s energy. You do not want the surrounding doors to drain their energy. Not on the sides, nor directly in front of your own door.

A simple way to support your door is by selecting its colour. Each colour refers to an element and these elements follow a supporting cycle. Water (blue, black) supports the wood (green), wood (green) supports the fire (red), fire(red) supports the earth (yellow, brown), earth (yellow, brown) supports the metal (white, silver), metal (white, silver), supports the water (blue, black).

In the picture below, the door on the left is black (water element) supporting the middle door green (wood element), supporting the red door on the right (red belongs to the fire element).
The red door is collecting all the benefit of their neighbours.
The black and green door house are for sale, only the red door house has just refreshed the paintings and colours and seems quite active when on site.
Of course, if you want to have mutual support, you may both use the same element. 

Composed by Céline Speranza

When trying to improve a living situation, we spare no efforts and use our resources and knowledge. We sometimes seek external guidance from specialists, and mainly focus on our own strengths and plans of action. We resort to human stamina.

Feng Shui is termed HAM YUE, which means “investigating, studying the Heavens and the Earth, gazing up at the stars and, from the top of a mountain, looking down towards the ground.

The key is to understand how these two forces amalgamate and how they influence our environment as well as our lives.

Thus, in order to properly lay out a given space for the benefit of its occupants, Feng Shui draws from disciplines such as astronomy, astrology and geography.

No one today has any doubts about the impact which the environment has on public health and the quality of life. Reconnecting with nature has become a priority. Landscaping programmes revegetate cities, promote biodiversity and protect the remaining green spaces. Even though its resonance with the energy of the Heavens is not taken into account, the force of the Earth is used to advantage.  

We can also understand, through the influence which celestial bodies exert on the Earth, the events taking place in any living space at a given time. This is the force of the Heavens.

These forces interconnect and interact. They bring into being the perfect and harmonious balance much in evidence in nature.

The whole value of Feng Shui rests on the ability to merge the forces of both the Earth and Heavens in ways that foster human life. We cannot change the configuration of the Heavens, but we can remodel the ground to harmoniously align these forces, guarantors of our health and well-being.  

When presented with a project aiming at improving a city or neighbourhood, Feng Shui regards as a whole body the relevant buildings and green spaces. The interactions between the Heavens, the Earth and Man are identified through several observations and calculations, thus allowing the detection of areas which might be problematic and unbalanced. 

Space planning advice is then offered. Such recommendations often relate to the flows of movement, the colours and the shapes which should be favoured, the best orientations, the selection of street furniture, the possible addition of a body of water, and unquestionably the enhancement of the urban landscape. And to ensure successful results, Feng Shui will also determine the precise moment at which the work should be undertaken. 

Feng Shui does not limit itself to the enhancement of premises. Thanks to its diverse techniques, space can be laid out or rearranged to improve the prevailing situation. Daily life takes a turn for the better as social behaviours and public health improve, happy occurrences multiply, and urban violence and disorder decrease or even vanish.

Feng Shui is the medicine of human habitat and living conditions. Its recommendations are not candid, yet they can be easily implemented more often than not. Feng Shui is an analytical tool which can be used as an enhancing complement to construction and development programmes.

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Composed by Master Priya Sher (FR)

When Michael Jackson passed away on 25th June 2009 it was a  shock to many. Millions mourned him worldwide and memorials were  held in many different countries.

Since I started studying face reading, Michael’s face has  fascinated me. His face had changed so dramatically, with the  many plastic surgeries and skin  conditions he had had over the  years.  From black to white, in both features and colour. His looks  changed from simple to strange; his  reputation from brilliant to bizarre.

Whilst studying face reading many ask the question; ‘if I change my features with plastic surgery, will it change my life?’  The answer is ‘yes’.  It can change your life for better or worse. In Michael’s case it was for worse.

In this article I am going to talk about Michael from the age of 35 to 50. The period when his career and life went into decline and how that can be seen on his face.

In face reading every year of our life is represented on specific positions on our face.  The ages of 35-40 are reflected in our eyes, 41 to 50 on and around the nose.

For Michael the age of 35 was the start of the decline of his career and health. The first sexual abuse allegations against him were made at this age.  This accusation destroyed him emotionally. Following it he became reclusive and depressed.   Similar allegations were bought against him in the years to follow

Michael had earth empty eyes; these are eyes in which the iris floats above and you can see the white underneath.

People with these eyes have to be especially cautious during these particular years. These are the eyes that Princess Diana, Abraham Lincoln, Indira Gandhi, Elvis Presley and many other famous people had, all of whom died suddenly.

During his 40’s, rumours surfaced about his financial problems and weak health.  The nose represents health and wealth, it should have body, be meaty and a good colour. However, his nose had become thin, fragile and discoloured, as a result of the many plastic surgeries performed. Therefore, this was reflected in both his finances and health.  In his 40’s he lost a large part of his estate and finances and his health continued to weaken.

The age of 50, which was the age his life tragically ended, was reflected in his right nostril. You can see, that both his nostrils had severely deteriorated after his countless operations.

It is not for me, or anyone to predict the demise of someone, but by looking at Michael Jackson’s face, one can deduce with the knowledge of face reading, that the ages of 35 to 50 would have been particularly difficult for him. 

(This is an extreme case and it is not my aim to frighten people into not having plastic surgery, Botox, fillers etc. In some cases, the results can have a positive impact, but it depends on how it is being changed, the skill of the surgeon and on the new form and shape of the face.)

Photos in this article all via google.

Composed by Master Véronique Lours (DS/YHH)

I Ching's dice prediction method is well known in the East. It is widely employed in Tai Wan to assist police in difficult investigations. Thanks to Grandmaster Chan Kun Wah, this knowledge was passed on to his students in the West. 

The I Ching is based on the knowledge of 64 figures of 6 lines, called "hexagrams". Each line carries an energy and has a time value; each group of three lines describes elements of nature, organs, people, seasons, etc. The analysis of the energy relations of the lines between them, crossed with the date of the question, makes it possible to understand the state of the present situation and, if no parameter changes, how it will evolve in the future. If parameters were to change in the life of the person asking the question, then the same question should be asked again, with the energy contained in that other day.

Use this statistical tool, in my quantum and mathematical sense, allow you to make the right decisions to act effectively at the right time 

This method is very effective in providing clear answers to simple questions. Any topic can be covered.

For example, it can be used for:

♣ An employer who hesitates between two candidates, can know which one to choose, how he will behave in the company, and for how long to establish his contract. 

♣ You can know if you will win your case, if you have the right lawyer, and when to file important cases.

♣ If you have a health concern, you will know how the disease will progress, where, if necessary, when to have the operation. What is the best medicine for you. 

♣ If you have to take an exam, will you pass it?

♣ If you meet someone, how will the relationship be? 

♣ Know if a house is right for your family.

♣ Know what price to offer when selling or buying.

And also, answers, on the weather, lost objects, having a child, work, travel, etc.


A woman asks me if she will find her lost watch. Although it is expensive, it is more of a sentimental attachment. I therefore ask the I Ching dices.

"I lost my watch; will I find it?"    Question asked on: November 5th 2017

Inside Kwas

No sat, No drain = Good! Nothing empty 

The lady is combining with and controlling the watch: that shows it’s a costful object which is always here, and she will find it soon and easily



With the strong metal in the date, we already know water is strong. 

This confirms her good chance to find her watch.

She can find her watch in the North, or near water (WC, sink, wine reserve, etc.) 

Because the water falls from the sky and flows over the earth, she has to look for the object downwards.

It may be in her bathroom, fallen and then stuck behind pipes because the water flowing through the pipes makes noise.

The mountain at the end (result), informs us that the watch is hidden in a dark place (besides as can be the water)


The timing of water is “6”. 

Because we have a "very soon" possibility to get it back, it can be 6 hours, at hour (19h-21h)


The woman found her watch the same day, at 7.45 p.m. (therefore in the 7-9 o'clock slot) in her bathroom, wedged between pipes, behind a piece of furniture near the sink and she was very happy (joyful).


On behalf of Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, composed by
Susanna Senior Master Lau (Golden Dragon: FS/CH/IC/ICD/DS)

Most of the Feng Shui practitioners use the so-called Yuen Hom Flying Stars to determine the energy of an internal space, such as residential or commercial property.  There are many publications on this misleading method.  Not only the name is incorrect, but the method is also unjustified.  This is, therefore, not too difficult to understand why the Feng Shui field is in a mess globally, and why there are so many superstitious beliefs and practices. 

The words ‘Yuen Hom’ (玄空) is related to the 64 hexagrams, not flying stars.  The correct name is ‘Chee Ba Flying Stars’ (紫白飛星), a method which is solely used for predictions purposes, not for Feng Shui assessments.

Grand Master Chan would like to elaborate by highlighting a few rings in the compass.  The outer ring of 貪, 巨, 武, 破, 弼, are the stars which refer to the application of the 64 hexagrams per the famous Feng Shui poem ‘Ching Long O Yu’ (青囊奧語).  The numbers 1, 2, 6, 7, 9 are the so-called replacement stars (替星) or substitute stars (兼星) used by the Yuen Hom flying stars practitioners.  The replacement or substitute stars are assigned without solid fundamentals, and there is no logical reasoning for the absence of 3, 4, 8 (祿, 文, 輔) stars.  

In the 8th fate, the flying star should have the mountain and / or the visiting stars of 8 (being the leader of the fate) at the site or facing.  As illustrated in the Chue Style flying star (with site at 丙, facing 壬), both the mountain and visiting stars of 8 are on the facing in the North.  For the Yuen Hom Style using replacement stars (as shown on the bottom right), the leader star 8 does not align in the site nor facing, but in the East!

For our Chue Style Flying Stars (隨派飛星), there is always yin and yang.  Yang fate flies forward, and yin fate flies backward.  The Yuen Hom style flies the fate forward disregarding its yin and yang nature.

Our Chue Style flying star has unique patterns in both the 9th and 1st fates because they are the South and North parents (南北父) respectively.  The 9th fate flying star will always have the mountain and visiting stars adding up to nine or a multiple of nine.  For the 1st fate, the mountain and visiting stars sum up to eleven.  One cannot find such specific forms in the Yuen Hom flying stars.  The beauty of the South and North parents can be easily traced in the genuine flying stars of the Chue Style.  

The lineage of Chue Style Feng Shui had always focused on genuine skills and knowledge, and we always committed to do so.  All the Chue Style Feng Shui accredited practitioners must pass the examination held by the independent examiners.  The practicing certificate holders are encouraged to upgrade their expertise by attending advance courses.  Our members have the privilege to share their valuable experience with the Chue family through various means including research workshops, quarterly newsletters, yearly outdoor camps and annual general meeting. 

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On behalf of Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, composed by Master Jacqueline Miettinen (CH/DH/YHH(GD))

Example 1 – very strong, Racehorse empty, this child always escapes from school, playing truant.

The month is 戌, Earth, the day 甲辰, therefore the 才 is very strong. There are also two 才 in the hexagram.

On the 甲辰 day, the Racehorse is on the 寅 branch and it is empty. An empty Racehorse means travelling; therefore, the child always wants to move around, he cannot sit still. This branch appears twice.

If the day and month are Earth with the 才 kinship, then the Water element with the 父 kinship becomes very weak. 父 means education.

Therefore, the child is also daydreaming.

The Racehorse on 寅, Wood, is with the 兄 kinship: this means that he meets with bad friends, spending his pocket money.

SY, 丑, Earth is controlling 父, Ying, 子, Water, so he cannot study.

Example 2 - Red Bird Empty, difficult to study

The day is 庚寅, therefore 午 and 未 are empty

午 and the Red Bird are together, so the problem is especially acute, as the Red Bird refers to the Fire element. Here it becomes like a big empty.

When the Red Bird is empty, then the child does not know how to talk. He cannot express himself. Even if he studies hard, it is difficult for him to understand.

When one does not know how to explain, he is unable to digest and proceed the information, understand. His homework has a low level, and he gets bad grades.

Example 3 - Yellow Dragon at SY, the child is very stupid

The Yellow Dragon, on the third line, has the character of bending like a snake.

Therefore, the child is not understanding straight away and tends to mislead things.

The 官 kinship means the ability to organize oneself, but the two官 on the top line and second line are empty. The child cannot control his mind.

Here the Red Bird on the second line is empty, also making things worse (cf. example 2)

Example 4 – The hexagram does not have and  empty, difficult to learn

If the hexagram does not have 父, it is the worst, as it means that the parent’s energy is not there.

For the parent, it is difficult to tell the child what to do, as he never follows you.

When the 父 is also empty, then the child does not listen to anybody. He only does things his own way.

General information when asking about a person’s character

. If the SY is at 父 and strong and healthy, the person is always good at studies.

But life is not smooth, and the person needs to work hard.

Most scholars have the SY at 父. They are clever and able to research.

父 is also a kinship for inventors or creators.

. If SY is at 才 or 兄, the person is not good when studying.   

. If SY is at 兄, the person will not have money and spend all incoming money.

. If SY is at 官, it depends if SY is strong or weak:

. If SY is strong, then it is good if the person works for the government.

. If SY is weak, it could mean illness, especially if SY appears with bad animals, like Tang Ser, the Boa Constrictor, Bafu, the White Tiger or Yuen Mow, the Black Tortoise.

The real illness would be 官on the Metal 申 酉 branches with Bafu, the White Tiger.


On behalf of Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, composed by Master Nikki Bishop (CH/DS/YHH)

The focus of this article is to look at some of the influences combinations and controls or crushes can have on a Chinese Horoscope.

Example 1

This is a 己 person born in summer. There are a lot of controls and crushes inside this chart.
The 庚 is looking to control the 甲, but 甲己combine and then 庚 cannot control the 甲. The 乙 is trying to control the 己, but when 甲己 combine , 乙 is then able to combine to 庚.
This is called ‘Combination avoid Controlling’.

Then if we look at the branches 午子 crush and 丑未 crush.
The season of this chart is 午 month, meaning that the 火 is strong. 午未 combine to 火, then all the crushes are gone.

The form is called ‘The combination avoid control and crushing’. This is very lucky.

Example 2

This is a 壬 person born in summer. There is no 金 visible in the horoscope. There is only one 辛金 hidden under 戌. The whole BaZi is 木 and 火. The branches 寅午戌 are also all combining to 火. The 火 is too strong and 壬 has no 金 to support it, so it needs to follow the 火 才. This makes the supportive elements to the chart 木 and 火.
When the 木 and 火 big fates come up it is very good. So, if this is a female’s chart the fate flows backwards, and it is ok.
When 金 and 水 fates come up the person is in big trouble. For a male chart, where the fates flow forwards, they will be ok when they are young, but no good when they are older, as they enter into all 金 and 水 fates.
Even though this looks like a straightforward follow 火chart, it is not a pure form. This is because of the hidden 辛金 inside 戌. Whilst 戌 is combined, it is occupied through the combination to 火, but in a fate or year when this combination is broken, the 辛金 can come out and combine with 丙 to create 水. The 丙辛 combination can dilute the 才火 to become bay gin 比/ gip choi 劫 水.

This is showing us that the 寅午戌 combination is enabling this BaZi to avoid the objection to the follow 火 form of the chart, by tying up the hidden 辛金 through the combination to 火. The yan 印金 is hidden inside the 戌 representing hidden or secret support to the 壬 day stem.

As the form of this chart is follow 火, when support for the 壬 comes out, the person is in trouble. The years or big fates when this will happen are as follows:
When 未 fate or year comes up, the 午 combines to it to create 火. This breaks the 寅午戌 combination, but is not too bad as the combination it creates is to 火. This will only cause small problems.
When 亥 fate or year comes up, it combines to 寅 and the 寅午戌 3-combination is broken. Even though the combination creates the supportive element of 木, something is happening because the chang sang of fire is gone and the hidden Yan (辛金) is released, which can dilute the 才, which is the ‘form’ of the chart.
When 辰 fate or year comes up, it crashes to 戌. This opens the 火 and 水 tombs. This can be a dangerous time.

Example 3

This is a 甲 person born in their Gin Luk month 寅.
In the stems 丙 controls 庚, as a result 庚 cannot control 甲. 甲 is then free to combine with 己.
In the branches 子水 supports 寅木. The 寅木 is strong so it can crush to 申, but 申 can also combine to 巳 because 巳 is 申‘s Chang Sang. The 申巳 combination creates 水. 水 supports 寅木. So, the 寅 actually pushes the 申 to combine to 巳. It does not damage the 申.
甲己 = the 才combine to you. This is a strong chart using Sik Sun 食/ Zeun Kun 仿, Choi 財 and Kun 官. They are all there and all strong. So, the supportive elements are all strong.

This chart also has 3 Luk’s. 甲 has Gin Luk month 寅. 丙 has it’s Luk in the hour 巳. 庚 has it’s Luk in the day 申.  With 3 Luks inside the chart this person is quite lucky all their life. The Luk’s here relate to 金 element, which is Pin Kun 杀, 火element, which is Sik Sun 食 and 木 element, which is the self-element. The self-element is strong because they are born in their own month. Now the 申巳 combination to 水 and the 子水 in the year make the 木 even stronger. If strong, we need to use Sik Sun 食. The form for this chart is ‘Sik Sun Gwai Luk’.

A person with a chart like this is quite clever and has a very clear mind. They think positively and know how to deal with problems. 

Use Sik Sun 食 to produce Cho i財, which produces Kun 杀. This person is very lucky because all the using elements are strong. To see the strength of the supportive elements:
己土 is sitting at  巳火. This makes the 財 strong. We have also got Kun to protect the Choi. 

People with a chart like this are wealthy and powerful. It can also be very good for them to work for the government, and they can become famous because they have got Choi, Kun and Yan.
Pin Kun 杀 and Yan 印 together like this is very good. Jing Kun 官 can be too calm. If you are too calm, people don’t always listen to you. Pin Kun 杀 can be more powerful. The Pin Kun 杀 knows how to use their power. If they also had Yuen Yan 羊力 inside the chart, they could be a very famous leader. The Yuen Yan for this chart is with 卯. They can still benefit in a 卯 year.

Inside the chart Sik Sun 食 巳 and Pin Kun 杀 申 combine to produce Yan 印 水. This means you can use your own career to wield the power. The government is always helping them. This influence makes it very good for a person to be a judge, solicitor, or barrister. Here you can read Yan 印 as the seal of approval. When the Sik Sun combines to the Kun to produce the seal it is called ‘Sik Sun dilute to the Yan’.

甲己 = the 才 automatically combines to you, so the money comes easily for this person.

This person is also really lucky because even in a 水 or 木 fate they are ok. In a 水 fate, they have 木 to drain it. In a 木fate they have  金 to control it and 火 to drain it. This is very good, as it means that even if a ‘bad’ fate comes up, it isn’t too bad for them.

The one thing that they need to be careful of is a 寅 year, as it can crush the 申, which is crush to the power. During this year they could lose their job or something bad relating to their status could happen. The worst is a 丙寅 year, as then we have heaven and earth crushing. The 丙 crushes to 庚 and the 寅 crushes to 申. This is loss of the high-ranking job.

辰 year or fate is also trouble, as it creates 申子辰, which breaks up the form of the chart. Creating this 申子辰3-combination to 水 has the same influence as a 壬 fate.
The 壬 fate can destroy the Sik Sun 食 because 水 puts out 火. At this time, it is easy to make the wrong decision and if they take exams, they fail them.

The key points to understand from these three examples, is how the combinations and controls or crushes inside the charts have an impact on the people and also how this changes when the combinations are broken during certain big fates or years.


On behalf of Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, composed by Maša Zorn

Gong Kwai is the person’s Eastern guardian angel (EGA) being hidden among its two surrounding branches. Tin Yute Kwai Yan (EGA) is based on the day stem of person. 

This is a very valuable method in both Ba Zi, as well as in date selection. 

EGA for 甲 person is both 丑 and 未. If this person’s ba zi (甲 day stem) has 子 and 寅 in year and month, then they have a Gong Kwai (丑). The 2 branches need to be next to each other in their ba zi. The positions of branches could also be at:  month-day or day-hour. 

The same applies to Gong Lok or hidden power, root. The two branches next to person’s Gin Lok need to sit next to each other in ba zi or in date selection.


If EGA is their supporting element, this person is very lucky. Gong Kwai also refers to helpful people in person’s life, depending on its Sap San. 

For or person, and 巳 are their EGA. If or 巳  are also their supporting element, then these 2 people are lucky for / person. They can help them. 

The Sap san of the heavenly stem sitting on top of EGA is also important (also applies to Gong Kwai and Gong Lok). When 才 is the stem above then this is called : “Choi sit above Tin yute kwai yan”. If 官 is the stem on top of EGA, regarding the day stem of person, then it is called: “Kun sit above Tin yute kwai yan”. When it is 印, we call it : “Yan sit above Tin yute kwai yan”. 

For 甲 person, if 才 sits above 丑 or 未, it means this person can bring them money. This is better when the actual Tin Yute Kwai Yan is the choi, (as in the case of 甲 person). They can always bring benefit to the person, especially if 己丑 or 己未 are their supporting element. 


When sits above (EGA) this is best because 才 produces 官. In this case EGA brings money, as well as power.  (辛丑 or 辛未 for 甲 person)

When Gong Kwai is person’s supporting element, it is most auspicious. 

However, if sits above (EGA) and Gong Kwai is not the supporting element, (neither 才 stem, nor 官 EGA) it can still help to protect the choi.

For example,  person, then 辛亥 is the EGA. Say 辛亥 are not 丁 supporting elements, but the EGA can still protect their money. The EGA can’t bring them money, but nobody can pinch it. Who is the one protecting the money depends on the kinship. 

When people have Gong Kwai in their horscope, they are always lucky, especially if it is their supporting element. Even if it isn’t, it can still control the bad energy. 

If person’s EGA is also their racing horse (Yik Ma) which is the using element as well, then this person needs to travel more. They can benefit from travels financially, gain power or fame, depending on the type of racing horse (stem on top of Yik Ma). The more they move, the more chances they have for success. 

If racing horse is empty, this is no good as it can’t hold the energy. The travel is not much use, the person can’t make a fortune. They travel around and are draining the energy. When the horse is empty, they are running around and don’t know where to go. 

Gong Lok can be money 才, power 官, support 印, career 食, but not the horse. If the horse is hidden between two branches, it can die. If the horse can’t run, it is useless. 

The EGA can also appear in the big fate or in the specific year. When Gong Kwai is in between big fate and the year, then a person will have a lucky year. 

For 壬 or 癸 person, the big fate being 寅 and the 辰 year comes, they are holding person’s Gong Kwai (卯). This year will be very lucy or the potential troubles will be avoided, depending on if 卯 and their correlating stem is their using element or not. 

For the same person, 寅 year and 辰 month hold the Gong Kwai (卯), meaning the whole month of April in that year will be lucky, or at least the bad energy is controlled. 

Gong Lok and Gong Kwai are also very valuable in date selection. If person is looking to improve their finances, then the Gong Kwai needs to be their money 才. Then, nobody can pinch the money as it is hidden. 

It is important to also check the stem and it’s relating Sap San, to know whether it is the using element or not.

Feng Shui Tip

According to the Chinese tradition, it is considered auspicious to display a bowl of tangerines in your home, around Dung Gee time. Place them on your dining table or on the altar, as an offering. They represent prosperity, as per their shape and colour, being similar to gold. It is also good to pay off all your debts before the Dung Gee, not carrying the previous negative energy into the next year. All the things that need to be finished, completed, repaired or taken care of are best done before the winter solstice.
On the Dung Gee, favour yourself with a good and quality meal, surrounded with family or loved ones. A table full of laughter and delicious food represents good energy and is a great start of the new year!

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